1 year of POP Pilates


January 2017-April 2018

1 year of being a POP Pilates instructor at 24HF.

On Saturday, as I thought about what tracks to prep for to challenge my class on Monday, I got a call that said it was a business decision to cancel my class “effective immediately” as the timing for my class just wasn’t ideal, aka, I wasn’t getting the perfect amount of participants each and every class.

I mean, in a way it does make sense. My class numbers have varied so much last year, ranging from 2 participants up to a whopping 30! So from the business perspective, it’s perfectly logical. But looking at it through my lens, I’m just disappointed I won’t get to say goodbye to my class. While I do have a regular full-time job as an SLP CF with instructing as my side job, ever since I started I always looked forward to my Monday nights—it’s not about the money (lol as I only taught one class anyway), it’s about the PEOPLE. My students have progressed and improved so much since I first met them! I really appreciate that they’ve stuck with me for so long. To no longer be able to share my passion for POP with them honestly breaks my heart. </3





Dusty Blossom Review Part 2: Shorts

Here is Part 2 of my POPFLEX Dusty Blossom Review–and it’s all about the shorts!

I bought all three colors: Blush, Indigo, and Black. IMG_8579


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  • I’m glad they included an inner short (similar to POP short, though a little wider) on the inside of the mesh!
  • There’s a pocket on the inside to hold your phone, keys, etc.
  • Good coverage–I went for a run and they stayed put! Even though they’re a little larger than the POP shorts, I didn’t have to worry about them riding up. I also like that the mesh provides extra coverage.


  • Because of the double layer, it’s a little warm to wear as the POP short inner is a thicker material than the mesh material.
  • The inner shorts are a little wider than the POP shorts. In regards to sizing, I’m not sure if I would have gone down a size just because the waistband fits perfectly on me.

So during the preview live stream, it was explained that this short was made for those who like both coverage and showing off their legs in the front–which is why they tried to combine their short lengths and made it a 1.0 in the front and a 2.0 in the back. I was really hoping to see 2.0, just because I like more coverage for my booty. They also changed the pockets of these shorts, and instead of the usual open pocket, they made them smaller and included a zipper.

Dusty Blossom 1.5 shorts:

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Indigo 1.5 shorts:

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  • The colors and prints are beautiful
  • I tested them out with a PIIT28 workout, and thankfully the coverage is okay for me–However, it may be different for those with different body types!


  • While working out, I did notice that the front rode up a bit.
  • differences in sizing with Dusty Blossom Print vs Indigo: Wish this difference was mentioned in the product page so I could have sized down appropriately.
  • The pockets are smaller 😦 Not sure why they changed it.
  • also, I’m wondering if the zipper would dig into me while I’m on my side during POP Pilates moves…I certainly hope not!
  • I miss my 2.0 length! While the shorts covered my butt well, I still don’t feel comfortable going outside for a run in them :/ I’m just not that comfortable with that much of my legs showing lol.

I’ve yet to get myself a pair of the classic black leggings that POPFLEX released, but I’m planning to wait until they hopefully release some of their “superstar” items. As always, if you have any questions about these items, let me know! Feel free to check out the items HERE! 🙂

#DustyBlossom POPFLEX Review: Bras & Tops


Soooo POPFLEX released a new collection on March 22nd and I went a lil’ crazy with my cart… Fortunately for those reading, that means I have more items to give honest reviews! XD They released tops, sports bras, and one pair of leggings (which I did not get because I’m waiting for more prints/styles/colors to come out). One thing that I liked was that they told us they went back to the Peony/Mermaid collection sizing, as the Dark Bloom sizing was smaller than usual. HERE is the size chart they’re using for Dusty Blossom.

For reference: I’m 5’4″, size 4 in bras, and size 6 in bottoms. For tops, I usually get a size 6, but I’m wondering if (for this collection) I’m a size 4….

Here are layouts of the main colors I purchased:


Dusty Blossom print items (From Left: Keyhole bra, Hold me zip bra, 1.5 Hi-Lo shorts)



Indigo items! (Probably one of my favorite colors that POPFLEX has released). (From Left: Hello There top size 6, keyhole bra size 4, 1.5 Hi-Lo shorts size 6)


Let’s separate these by categories, shall we?


Hold Me Zip Bra


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I’m glad the POPFLEX team listened to us from the last Dark Bloom collection–the zenith zip bras were pretty, but for those who are more well endowed than I am in the chest area, there was no way to secure the zipper! There’s also a handy strip of fabric to give extra comfort so the zipper doesn’t poke us in the sternum during workouts. The fabric is comfy and soft, and the backing on the zip bra is cute. The cups are also removable!


**One thing to note is that ALL items with the Dusty Blossom print are made with a different material (it’s a little thinner) and are a little bit larger than the other colored items of the same style. Examples here:


Keyhole bras: both size 4 (the indigo fits me perfectly, but the dusty blossom is a tad large)


Hi-Lo shorts: both size 6 (As you can see, the Dusty Blossom is a bit larger than the indigo)

So, if you are planning on getting any Dusty Blossom items, I would probably size down, especially with the keyhole bra! The Dusy blossom Zip bra is also a little large, but I had no other item to compare it to 😛

(I will pose pics of the keyhole bras when I get the chance!)


Probably my favorite color/style of bra that POPFLEX has released!


  • fairly easy to take off–no contortioning needed!
  • fits me perfectly. I followed the size chart (I’m a size 4 in this collection along with the peony/mermaid collection)
  • Comfortable–no squeezing on my underarm flabs during my workout! ❤ this is a pretty huge thing for me because the Set the bar POPFLEX bras have always squeezed on my flabs.
  • COLOR (I guess this is biased because I love blue)
  • sturdy, keeps everything in place (from the perspective of a small-chested girl, so I can’t say otherwise for those with different bust sizes!)
  • The backing is super cool


  • if you decide to go out into the sun with this top, wear sunscreen! You don’t want a dotted looking tan lol.



paired with the hi-lo 1.5 short in Indigo





When I first saw this top, I was like “interesting–this looks more like a going out top!” Once I pulled it on and popped my head through, I was like ooooh I feel fancy! lol I think this would pair nicely with the high waisted highness leggings. The midsection is a bit wider than I expected, but I think if I sized it down any more it would be too tight on my armpit area. I found it interesting that they kept the torso/midsection so wide. It might be possible that they were trying to answer some customers’ concerns with previous collections’ tops being too narrow in the waist? *shrugs*


  • removable cups
  • really pretty color
  • the neckline design is quite dramatic 😉
  • haven’t tested it in a workout, but maybe I’ll wear it to next week’s class and update you guys!


  • a little wide around my torso
  • Taking this top off is a challenge! Felt a little like a contortionist while also trying not to ruin the front/back straps.



paired with the secret run shorts in black!


side view: as you can see my chest is verrrrrry small XD hahaha


back view= same design as the front!



Enter a caption




Probably one of my favorite tops, just because it’s layer-able and the cut is kinda cute. To be honest, this whole collection got me overwhelmed with the mesh/fishnets, so I’m really wondering how to best pair these items so I don’t end up looking like a washed up mermaid! XD What works best, for me at least, is pairing one mesh item with a solid legging/short. I’m sure you guys can pull it off, but mesh top with mesh bottom might be too much for me (as shown below)!



Paired with the zip bra and secret run shorts: have I reached mermaid status yet?????



As you can see, the top is a little bit wider around the torso area, so if you like your tops a bit more fitted, maybe size down? (This is a size 6 btw–and I like that it’s not too tight around the arm pit area–I have wide shoulders and always worry about this area fitting well)



Probably one of my favorite tops, since it’s pretty flattering with whatever sports bra you decide to wear with it! I also really love the color ❤


Another favorite top! I got a size 6. I probably could have sized down, but I’m comfortable in it–and I like the fact that I can hide that midsection mesh bit–I don’t really want to show off too much skin during my POP Pilates classes, even if it is covered with the fishnet mesh. I like this top because I feel like I have enough coverage (I know, I know my boobs are small!) that I don’t have to worry about anything shifting around while I’m moving and doing POP Pilates moves! The length is just right, too. Last night I had my weekly POP Pilates class and wore this top with my fave draw the line leggings, and everything stayed put! My top didn’t ride up and I was comfortable doing hundreds of roll ups.


  • comfortable
  • coverage (for small chested peeps, at least)
  • removable cups
  • can style it so the mesh shows/doesn’t show in the midsection


  • removing this requires a little bit of contortion, at times I’m worried I’ll tear the fishnet mesh.




I really like the neckline of this top! However, I find the side mesh parts to be a little distracting and a bit awkward, on my body at least. During the launch they had a live video showcasing this top and how they wanted to make an illusion of slimming the body down using these side cuts, but I don’t quite see it–at least not on me. I think my body shape is too straight or my waist doesn’t have that flattering ratio like on the POPFLEX models lol. I kind of wish they kept the side cuts out of this top and it would’ve been perfect!  Now that I think about it, I think if the side cuts were a little bit higher up, like right underneath the bust (similar to the bodypop tank), then maybe it would look more flattering. Maybe. Overall, my least favorite top.


  • neckline
  • removable cups
  • backing is nice and comfy (last collection’s zipper backing was pretty but I couldn’t wear it to POP classes as we have lots of back work and I can’t stand a zipper stabbing me in the back while doing roll ups lol)


  • the cut-outs were the major con for me, not flattering for my straight torso/wide shoulders combo. Kinda looks like a shark bit out my sides.



looks pretty good from the back


I’m still so confused by the side mesh cut-outs! If it had a continual design along the back or front, I think it might’ve looked a little better on me.



my tummy just looks bigger lol


maybe 3/4 angle it looks okay? lol not the most natural looking pose, however!

I’m realizing this post is getting a bit long, so I’ll be covering shorts in my next post! Feel free to leave a comment/question if you have any! 🙂 Hope this can be helpful, and happy shopping ❤ If you are interested in getting any items, you can get those items HERE and make sure to sign up for their rewards program so you can rack up points and save on your next purchase 😉

Want a FREE POPFLEX outfit?!

Sorry it’s been a while, I need to catch you up on how my POP life has been! But before I get to that, something super exciting has popped up. If you ever wanted to get certified in POP Pilates, you’ll get this outfit for free when you register for either the real life workshop training, or the online training! Get certified AND get this super cute POPFLEX seafoam tank and mermaid leggings (with POCKETS) worth $84!


It’s a win-win if you ask me. 😉 This deal will be available until March 31st! Click HERE to sign up! And here’s a list of the workshops coming up:



you can also SAVE $$ by registering for a workshop early, OR get a student discount! Just need to e-mail the POP Pilates team for the student discount code! 🙂 




Holiday Deals: $100 off Instructor Training, 50% off PIIT28, 30% off POPFLEX?!

Even though the Black Friday deals have come and gone, there are still lots of savings to be had!

1. Save 50% off ALL PIIT28 Programs! If you’ve been waiting for a chance to snag a deal on this awesome program, now is the time! Use the CODE: CYBER50 during checkout!  I would definitely take advantage of this deal and buy the bundle if you haven’t tried the PIIT28 program yet! It includes PIIT 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0!

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3. One MORE day to buy POPFLEX at 30% off! POPFLEX sales are super rare (and deals like this come pretty much once a year during Black Friday), plus you receive a FREE magic scarf when your discounted purchase equals 100$ or more! Keep warm and save! Use the CODE: HAPPYFRIDAY during checkout! Sale ends 11/27, so if you’ve had anything on your wishlist, better get it now!


Here are my top 5 fave POPFLEX pieces:


1. Your Highness Leggings: High waisted with a beautiful mesh pattern makes me feel unstoppable whenever I put these on!



2. Danger tank + 3. Adventure Zip Leggings in Cabernet: LOVE the handy zipper in both top and leggings. The Adventure zip leggings are similar to compression leggings, so my legs look awesome in these!



4. Victorious Tank + 5. Wishing Star Capri in Dark Bloom: The racerback design and low v neck helps show off your sports bra without being too revealing + the Dark Bloom pattern and material of the capris is so beautiful with the high cut mesh!

I managed to snag myself some items that have been on my wishlist for a while:

As always, if you have any questions about any of the PIIT28 programs/ POP Pilates Instructor Training/ POPFLEX, (phew! That’s a lot of stuff, isn’t it?) leave a comment below! 🙂








POP Pilates instructor thoughts

I’ve been teaching for about 9 months (holy smokes almost a year!) at 24 hour Fitness and thanks to my students and fellow instructors/ supervisors, I’ve grown so much since I got certified June 2016! I figure now is as good a time as any to reflect and give feedback on my own experience, in case those of you are reading are ever interested in becoming a POP instructor, too.


I am a POPster turned POP Pilates instructor. When I first got certified last year, I was extremely doubtful of myself in even trying to audition for 24 or any other gym due to my lack of experience in teaching group fitness—this was the first certification I ever got, so I felt like I needed to teach on my own at first, gain some experience, and then try out for a well-established gym.

Teaching on my own

That was really the tough part–having to spend money on things like: liability insurance, waivers, and speaker systems, just so I could be an independent instructor. I thought “why am I spending money if I’m not able to make enough??” It was also very difficult finding an audience for POP Pilates, as I wanted to teach at a beach park, and those who were interested in taking a class had varying availabilities. Most of my classes consisted of 2-3 friends, so I just used those classes as practice.

Silver linings

While I wasn’t able to make money teaching on my own, spending all that time practicing helped me improve and become confident enough to audition for 24 Hour Fitness! I auditioned back in October and started working in January of the following year.

After joining 24 

Even though I had a class time set up, it was my job to keep students coming back! In the beginning, attendance really fluctuated–one week I had 10 students, the next it dropped down to 4, then 2! It was very difficult to not feel discouraged during those months. Over time my numbers gradually became more consistent, and last week I had 20 people in my class! 😀 The best part of my job is at the end of class, when students come up to me and say they’re feeling stronger or that they really enjoyed POP! ❤ I think that’s what makes this job worth it—just having the ability to help others on their health/fitness journeys.


Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 9.35.28 AM

Join the POP Army!

If you LOVE POP Pilates and want to share your passion with others through teaching, become a POP Pilates instructor! As a POP Instructor we get first-hand news from Cassey and the rest of the Blogilates team about POP events, new merch (and did I mention that as a POP instructor we get 20% off POPFLEX???? Best perk ever!) along with being part of a compassionate and extremely helpful community of instructors.

For more info, click HERE! And if you don’t live in the US there’s online training called PPOW (POP Pilates Online Workshop)!

Here’s a calendar for all of the US workshops:


Get 15% off if you sign up more than two weeks before your training! There is also a student discount for those who are still in school (which I took advantage of since I was still in grad school at the time), all you have to do is e-mail info@blogilates.com with your valid school ID to get 20% off the $299 certification fee. Or if you time it right, there are usually really good deals around Thanksgiving/Christmas time–say, $100 off?! That’s what happened this year and last year!

If you haven’t tried out POP Pilates yet, see if there are any nearby classes using the handy Class Locator! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 5.29.08 PM

See those 16 classes in the middle of the ocean aka Hawaii? XD One of those is mine!


If you have any questions about the process or about POP Pilates in general, feel free to leave me a comment! 🙂

30% off everything PIIT28 and 28 Day Reset!

If you’ve been waiting for a sale on PIIT28 or maybe the 28 Day Reset, here’s your chance! Enter the code:


during checkout, and you’ll get 30% off everything on PIIT28.com! 


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.30.05 PM

The PIIT Power Pack $79 (which saves you about $38 if you were to buy them all separately)

Along with the 28 Day Reset if you’d like to try it out. I haven’t tried it out, so I can’t give my honest opinion on how effective it is. To check out my reviews on PIIT 1.0-3.0, click on the “Posts about…” link above, and select “PIIT28.”

This sale ends on September 5th. PIIT28 has made me so much stronger and appreciative of my body and what it can do. It has definitely helped me in becoming more confident and even trying out some of Blogilates crazy POP HIIT workouts (which KILL but not as bad as I thought they would)!

I hope you’ll join me in the PIITster community on Instagram so that you can earn your free PIIT28 tank, too! Feel free to comment if you have any questions 🙂


Here’s a quick ad if you want to see what PIIT28 is like!

Leave your negativity at the door


Today started off pretty rough. Spending $15 on transcript fees only to find out that I requested the wrong transcript—basically flushing that money down the drain–which frustrated me. Then I was panicking 30 minutes before my POP class started because I couldn’t find my iPhone 7 adaptor (what a design fail! It’s so tiny and very easy to lose). Even more frustrated, my negativity grew into a larger storm cloud—but I had to shake it off. There was no way I was going to walk into the GroupX room feeling like crap, because that would probably lead to a negative class. I would hate to do that to my students, whether they’re regulars or new!

And to top it off, when I started my class, my mic had such terrible, deafening feedback I HAD to shut it off and go without it. I kept thinking, “damn, things can only go up from here.”

And I think they did.

Since I only teach once a week, I wasn’t even expecting to see my iPhone adaptor there—but there it was, sitting in the volume control box! Thank GOD the instructors are awesome and didn’t steal it!

It was also neat to see that my numbers are staying consistent, around 13-15 students per class—two guys actually attended my class tonight, and boy is it satisfying to see them struggle through it! POP Pilates is no joke, but I hope they had fun 😀 I also had a bunch of new students, which was really awesome. Thanks to my class and POP, I plie punched away all my negativity and left feeling so much better. So if you’re ever feeling down or you’re having a bad day—maybe try a workout that you enjoy! And if you’re an instructor (you probably already know this lol) but leave that negativity at the door; You’re a leader meant to give your students a positive experience, and you can’t do that if you’re a grumpy cat face, haha.


What to do if a headache and stress have got you down? PIIT of course!

This weekend was a doozy. It started off going really well, but then some personal things got in the way and I ended up feeling very…bleh. Not the most descriptive term, I know, but I felt emotionally and physically drained, with a nagging headache. Instead of retreating and taking a nap (which is something I do sometimes), I pulled on my socks and shoes and picked a workout—It’s one of Blogilates’ Body tone bootcamps, but it’s pretty much PIIT28 style: 7 moves, 45 seconds each, with 15 second rest breaks in between for 4 rounds.

And I can’t forget my music, either! Music always gives some excitement to my workouts.

Whenever I feel stressed or frustrated, exercise always helps me kick the negativity away—it’s so therapeutic and I like killing two birds with one stone: as I was able to get a workout in while also physically releasing my stress. And I can’t forget hydration! Drinking enough water throughout the day can be tough, but water is so important for you! —and it also helps keep headaches away, at least for me this time!


FullSizeRender 23

A pretty POPFLEX water bottle to keep me hydrated! (listed under Accessories: it’s great bc it doesn’t leave a watery puddle on my desk)

What do you folks do when you’re feeling stressed?



Summer POPFLEX Mermaid Sale!

Summer is finally here and to celebrate POPFLEX is having a sale on all of their mermaid items ❤ If you’ve always wanted to snag some of POPFLEX’s mermaid items, but wanted to get more of a discount, here is your chance!

unnamed (1).jpg

Use the discount code SUMMERDAYS at checkout to receive 20% off! Click HERE to see all the lovely mermaid items ❤ And if you make an account, feel free to sign up for their rewards program where you can get points to use towards future POPFLEX purchases 🙂

And if you’re interested in seeing how it fits, check out my pics below! I also wrote up some reviews about the Mermaid shorts  and the Mermaid Crop top  if you’d like to check them out 😀 Happy Shopping!