POPFLEX Pointe Legging

Hey everyone! I really enjoyed doing the mini photoshoot by the beach the other day, so I decided to do another one 😀 this time I brought out my POPFLEX Pointe Legging in Snow White to see how it would fare in the Hawaiian sun.


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.28.06 PM

Here’s how it looks all folded up:


 Sizing/Fit: I got a size 8, since I’m normally a medium in bottoms–however the crotch part of these pants are fairly baggy–so either it’s because of my height (I’m like 5′ 4″) OR I might have to go down a size…for the next pair of leggings I want to get (*ahem* NIGHTFALL! crossing my fingers that they stay in stock for a while…)

Despite the kind of awkward baggy crotch lol, these pants are so comfortable and pretty! Even though I was a bit hesitant on wearing these outside (since I never wear white pants), I got a few compliments on how cute my pants looked 😀

Onto the photos! Thanks so much to my Popster bestie Amanda for taking these pics!


the sheer part is so pretty!


just stretchin’ by the ocean


these pants look great with dancer-ly poses…like dancers pose haha


Attempting mermaid pose XD


these leggings also look great in action shots 😉 HI-YA!


look ma, Imma mermaid! 😀


  • Looks super pretty and unique
  • I love the sheer part
  • and the criss crosses
  • and the POCKETS!!!


  • White
    • gets dirty easily
    • plus you’ll need to wear nude undies since the pants aren’t opaque enough to block out more colorful undies
  • Make sure you get the right sizing! Follow the size chart and you’ll be good to go. Definitely going to get a size down the next time.


Overall, I love these leggings ❤ You can get them HERE. If you sign up for the VIP pricing they’re $45 vs the regular $76! Isn’t that awesome? The process is super easy so I highly recommend it.

FullSizeRender 5

woohoo! 😀

If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave me a comment!



POPFLEX Mermaid Crop Top Review


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.07.25 AM

Today I’ll be reviewing the POPFLEX Criss Cross Crop Top in Mermaid! I was so excited to get this in the mail the other day, I ripped open the bag and tried it on. The iridescent mermaid color is just as pretty as it is in the pictures.


And idk how it’s a fad now, but I also really love the little criss cross that goes across the chest. Because this is part of their Mermaid line of activewear, I decided to do a little photoshoot at the beach! 🙂 All photo credits go to my boyfriend Anthony (thank you! <3)




04.28.16: Update: the POPFLEX logo fell off! It was really loose so I guess it got lost when I first washed it (hand washed with a lil bit of detergent) :\ Kind of sad that there’s no logo anymore…


excuse my funny tan lines… 😛


If anyone’s wondering about sizes, if you measure yourself and follow their size chart (here) it’s pretty true to size! I got a size 4 and it fits pretty nicely. And the cups are so much better than the ones they used in their BODYPOP line–it looks a lot more natural and isn’t in the way!



“How can I look dancerly?”





Later on in the day I did a PIIT28 abdomination workout wearing the criss cross top and it felt great! It was very supportive and I could’ve worn it by itself if I didn’t sweat so much XD You can get the top here! (they’ll be restocking sizes in mid to late May) If anyone has any questions about this top, let me know in the comments! 🙂



Four of us (different bust sizes) all wearing the crop top under our shirts/tanks!

additional comments: The material feels thick to me, but upon closer inspection it’s not that thick at all! It’s definitely not flimsy though.

I also wanted to add that unfortunately the straps are not adjustable.

I’ve heard other people exchanging their tops because the straps felt too tight, which made the armpit area uncomfortable.


As you can see, it sits pretty close to the armpit area…



POP Pilates Master Class and Instructor Training!

Wow! Yesterday was definitely all day Pilates 😀 The 24 Hr Fitness in Honolulu was holding a Master Class taught by Cassey (Blogilates) at 11am, so I met my friend down there and got in line at 10:00! It was so crowded and crazy, but it was so neat to see all the Hawaii Popsters lining up! When they finally let us into the group X room, we had to squeeze! There was barely room between mats and they even had to turn some people away 0_0 It was nuts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone went crazy when Cassey came in! She wore a beautiful lei and was super bubbly and energetic, saying how surprised she was at the huge turnout and how she loved the beaches and was excited to go snorkeling.

The Master Class was amazing and really kicked my butt–but not as much as the guy in front of me,  because he was seriously sweating up a storm XD He was drenched in sweat. I kept thinking: Yep, POP Pilates is no joke! Everyone was yelling their pain out together while we did mini lunge taps and walnut crushes–it burned so good!


Post-Master Class sweaty selfie!

My friend (on the left) said that PIIT28 definitely helped her to keep up with the class! 😀 I was like “YES PIIT is amazing!” After the class they had a meet and greet upstairs, but since I had to do instructor training right after I got to stay downstairs–as Cassey was going to do a session with us later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meeting Cassey was awesome! I told her how I did her Costa Mesa class and how excited I was that they were having a training in Hawaii. I also told her how I couldn’t wait to get my mermaid  POPFLEX gear!

During our instructor training, we started off doing the full 55 minute class (2 HOURS of POP PILATES whatttt?!) and Jules was such an amazing instructor–she really knows her stuff. Overall, the experience was pretty amazing. It was interesting to learn from the veteran instructors about cueing and form, and how positive everyone was! I was so nervous to practice teaching my track, but we broke off into smaller groups–and even though I knew I was messing up (not cuing enough) everyone was really supportive and saying that I was doing fine! I really appreciate the “good vibes only” mindset in our class. What I love about learning POP Pilates is the fact that it’s such an inclusive format—there’s always a modification! It doesn’t push anyone away from getting a good workout. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

FullSizeRender 11


FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 10

Only in Hawaii :3 Gotta have the Shaka ❤ 

Overall, if you’re thinking of becoming a POP Instructor, definitely do it! It’s such a fun and positive environment—I’m determined to share this type of workout with everyone 😀



Mermaid inspired Activewear?!

I LOVE it! Blogilates and POPFLEX just came out with a new line of mermaid themed activewear–Seafoam green, nightfall black, and iridescent mermaid. Considering that the line came out today, I’m hoping that it’s okay to share these pics from their lookbook.

I’m going to be honest, I really thought we were going to get some scale patterned leggings and more ocean colored, wave patterned activewear. I may or may not insert my own sketches below lol.

My favorite look is the mermaid Criss Cross Crop top with the matching booty shorts!


I ordered the crop top and am hoping that the booty shorts won’t be sold out by the time I can get the $$ to buy it! *crosses fingers* I can’t wait to do a photoshoot on the beach with my POPster friend ^_^ You can check out their new activewear here!  I’ll definitely do a review of the crop top once I get it 😀 Anyone out there buy any awesome pieces? Let me know!

1 year ago…Blogilates meet and greet!

Wow! I can’t believe it was last year that I was able to go to Blogilates’ meet and greet at the 24 Fitness in Costa Mesa, when I was still living in California. A year ago I wrote up a short blurb to solidify one of my dream goals: to do a live workout with Cassey! Let’s go back in time now…


My whole body is sore, but it’s a great feeling. Today I got the chance to meet Cassey Ho and tons of friendly popsters! It was such an amazing experience and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of it. Thanks to my instagram post (which I thought was posted too late) I got a VIP ticket to the HotBodyTourSoCal class at the 24 Fitness in Costa Mesa! I was so elated and excited to get a chance to fulfill one of my dreams, which is to take a Pop Pilates class led by Cassey. The night before the  meetup/class, I spent hours drawing up something which I thought was pretty fitting: a magical girl Cassey!


I need to find the finished piece…it’s on my old computer somewhere

Her positivity and confidence is magical, and seeing how many Popsters are out there in the world, you can see how those two traits have such an influence on us. I printed the drawing twice (cursing at how the color wasn’t as vibrant on page in comparison to the digital drawing) just in case, and because I didn’t have any cool stickers, used a little christmas penguin to seal the drawing. I had my bag packed: towel, jacket, book, pens, drawing, and ticket. I was totally set for the next day… I was too excited to sleep! I imagined how the class was going to be, if I was going to make any new Popster friends, and if Cassey was going to like my drawing or not lol.

On my drive over to the 24 hr Fitness, my heart was pounding with nervousness. I found some great parking thanks to a nice gentleman, who pointed out choice parking spot right by the entrance. After gathering my yoga mat and bag I made my way into the gym. There was already a line gathering along the hallway above the workout room, so I stood in line and waited to see if the Popster I made friends with on the Blogilates app would show up. It  took about 30 minutes, but I got to meet her in person and we chatted while waiting. After a while the line started to move–we were finally going in! My friend and I got great spots, right in the front, so we all laid out our mats and took a seat. The girl next to me was pretty friendly, and I talked to her about school and stuff for a bit. Suddenly, everyone started clapping. Cassey walked in! I felt so starstruck–it’s interesting and weird in a way, to see someone who’ve you been following for four years over YouTube, to finally see them in the flesh–I was like “oh my gosh she’s REAL!!!” After talking about how this class was the end of her tour and how much she’s been traveling, she thanked us for coming and started up the music. The Pilates class was pretty awesome, to say the least. Even though I’ve  been following her videos for so long, it was tough and every part of my body burned (in the good way, of course). I love that I was able to yell and laugh out my pain with everyone else in the room–it was truly a shared experience. I think what killed me the most were the ab moves, there were just so many different moves and reps that destroyed my core–I couldn’t press pause, I just had to push myself to keep going. Cassey even mentioned during the beginning of the class that we should work hard because this is the perfect opportunity to do so–she wanted to see our effort, and I’m definitely sure she could see it in all the glistening sweaty faces throughout the room.

The class actually felt pretty short, even though it was an hour. I was drenched in sweat but it felt good, as adrenaline pumped through my veins. It was time to do the meet and greet! We were allowed two pictures–so I thought about what my poses were going to be while my popster friend and I waited. As we got closer to the front of the line, I was getting so nervous! I took fidgety sips of water and smeared my lips with chapstick. Finally, it was my turn–I said hello and she greeted me with a hi and a hug. I asked her if we could do a tree pose together and she was cool with it so as we posed I realized how nervous I was–my leg had such a hard time lifting because it was shaking so much!! aagh darn you nervousness. I then gave her my drawing.

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Cassey smiled when she saw the penguin sticker and asked if it was okay to open it now–I said sure, of course. After reading the words and I think she was impressed by it–I think she said “wow” lol. She was also like, “this looks familiar, I feel like I’ve seen this before on social media,” and I said yes, I made a post on Twitter about it (I based the pose off of a pose from her hot body book). That was so cool that  she remembered that post!! I would feel that someone that popular on every social media site would just forget about something they’ve liked minutes after–just because they must see a lot of posts directed at them. I appreciate how she took the time to look at it, asking me if the top is like the Bodypop top –yep–and if I made this in illustrator –I replied “Photoshop!” Most people would just be like “wow it’s so pretty thank you!” after just glancing at it briefly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She thanked me (and I think she hugged me?? I remember a lot of hugging lol) and we took a quick selfie together–again, due to my nervousness my hand was shaking slightly as I held the camera. I stuttered an apology and she asked if I wanted to take it again. After checking the photo, which looked fine, I said it was okay. As she signed my book I told her that I’ve been doing her videos for four years. She was like “Wow! those older videos were so ghetto!” and laughed. And this is where I realized that I jumble my words a ton when I’m nervous. My brain wanted to say “Your class totally kicked my butt” My mouth said: “Your butt–” She looked at me quizically and I immediately corrected myself–I honestly do not know how I function every single day. She then answered: “Good! That’s what they’re supposed to do!” (or something to that extent) She hugged me again as I thanked her and said goodbye. After getting the chance to meet her, Cassey seems like a very sweet and genuine person, and I’m proud to be a Popster!

Overall I’m glad I tried and I’m glad that I went. When the tour dates first came out I was reluctant to go–thinking “no way would I get a VIP ticket” and that Costa Mesa is way too far from where I live. It was all worth it. That experience is something that I’ll remember and treasure forever. ❤ 

…Aaaand warp back to the present!

One year later, who knew I was going to be a Pop Pilates Instructor-in-Training?! Life is a pretty amazing thing 🙂


Pros and Cons of PIIT28


So I forgot to post a clear cut Pros and Cons list of my PIIT28 experience, so here ya go:


  • It will give you the results you want, as long as you’re working hard each and every day of the program
  • You get: the workout e-book, access to their online videos that you can follow along to, and you also get as an added bonus–their Get Flexy stretches and warm-up exercises to both warm-up and cool down your body before and after PIIT. You also get her added Flat Ab Fix (which is intense) and Stronger 1.0 (body weight workout!) which she added for us PIIT28 round 2-ers!
  • It’s ONLY 28 minutes and 40 seconds!
  • You’ll not only lose inches, you’ll also gain a positive mindset towards working out (hopefully–I mean in my case I did!)
  • The community (either in the PIIT28 forum or on Instagram) is extremely positive and supportive–you won’t feel alone on your fitness journey!
  • You’ll gain strength and stamina–which will also help you in other areas of physical activity (running, etc.–I went for my first run after not running for the whole month b/c I’ve been doing PIIT–and ran my best mile time! I was pretty amazed)
  • Your confidence will increase.
  • You’ll also probably sleep better at night, since you’ll be working out 6/7 days of the week.
  • You get an awesome PIIT28 completion tank if you follow along with the PIITstagram calendar!


  • It is kind of pricey: $39 for the PIIT28 program, $89 for the PIIT Power Pack (which includes the PIIT28 workout program and the 28 day reset–the meal plan)
  • Working out 6/7 days of the week–making the time for it was pretty tough, but if you can squeeze in 28 minutes and 40 seconds, I say go for it!
  • This is more of a tip, but: always listen to your body–don’t overexert yourself or else your progress might be halted if you hurt yourself. Take those rest days!

POPFlex Swan Tank review


So I LOVE the new Blogilates’ POPFlex line, and I’m slowly accumulating more and more of their activewear line as you can see:


Starting from the top left: Pull on my Heart Strings Bra in Peony, Pull on my Heart Strings Bra in Navy, Set the Bar Bra in Navy/Peony, Swan Tank in Navy, Pointe Leggings in Navy, and Pointe Leggings in Snow White. 

The bottom watercolor pieces and black top are from the BodyPOP line that are on sale here! The bra is still available in Large and X-Large, the black top is available in Small, and the watercolor shorts are still available in XS. I’ll be reviewing those later.

So today I’ll be reviewing the Swan tank in Navy:


I got it because the back is draping and so pretty! and because it’s open, letting you show off the backing of an intricate sports bra.


Did a little mini photoshoot to show off the top! So because it’s a halter top, there’s a little bit of tension against the neck, and it does feel more fitted at the waist where it gathers in the back with the periwinkle stretchy spandex band. If you don’t like stuff around your neck (like if you have a sensitive neck or anything) then I wouldn’t recommend this top as there is some pulling against the neck whenever you move around. Overall though, it’s very comfortable and light–the material is a lot more sheer than I thought it was going to be, but because of that it breathes well:



their lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric

The fit around the bust is also a bit weird, but I may have gotten too big of a sizing (6) even though I followed their size chart. Your sports bra might peek out a bit, and the halter in the front doesn’t really lay flat against your chest–but if you don’t mind either then it’s all good!




back: love how it drapes 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

PIIT28 Days 14-28

The final stretch! While I was still excited to workout and get things done–I was getting kind of lazy and complacent. I would put off doing PIIT and allow myself to get distracted by other things on the Internet: YouTube videos, etc. This was where the #Piitstagram community stepped in to motivate me. While I was in my lazy state of mind, I would swipe through my Instagram and see everyone’s posts about how they’re working hard and squeezing in time to work out. Seeing these posts lit a fire under my butt—I had to get it done! And the great thing is: it’s ONLY 28 minutes and 40 seconds! I had to keep reminding myself that.

While the first two rounds are tough, once you get halfway–there’s that light at the end of the tunnel. I always think “omg I’m halfway there, I GOT THIS” and then Beast mode it through XD I was crazy enough to do two PIIT workouts in one day! It was killer but it felt SO good afterwards, I felt so accomplished–like I could do anything.

Another thing with the community is that one of the PIITsters that I followed wanted to do a bracelet exchange! This was really fun, and I love the bracelet she sent me 🙂 This also works as a motivator, as I’m always staring down at my wrists when I’m in plank or doing *gasp* froggy hops. I really really hate froggy hops.

FullSizeRender 7

She made the one with the rhinestone. So sparkly!

Day 28: Judgement day. I was so nervous before taking my day 28 After picture! I kept thinking: “what if I haven’t made any physical changes at all?

FullSizeRender 8

I was pretty surprised! My waist slimmed down, and after measuring myself, I lost:

.5″ off my chest (from 29″ to 28.5″)

2″  off my waist (from 28″ to 26″)

1.8″ off my hips  (37.8″ to 36″)

1″ off my thighs (22″ to 21″ on both sides)

and gained:

1-2″ on my biceps (from 10″ to 12.25 on my R side, and from 10″ to 11.25″ on my L side)

1″ on my bust (from 31″ to 32″)

While my transformation wasn’t major, I’m glad I did it! It was a fun and rewarding experience. Going into this, I only thought of the physical changes that I wanted to see–but what’s so much better is the change of mindset: I’ve gained more of a can-do attitude, more confidence (which is huge, since I wasn’t a very confident person to begin with), and more mental strength–or the ability to push myself harder!

Oh, and if you do finish PIIT28 and the #PIITstagram challenge, you also get a completion PIIT28 tank (FREE shipping in the US, $5 shipping for int’l)! It’s soft and flowy, perfect for showing off the abs that you worked so hard for 😀

I hope this review of PIIT28 was helpful. If anyone has any questions, just comment below! If you’d like to join me on this journey (we’re on round 2 of PIIT–with added strength training and ab work!) click here! I don’t mean to sound like a cheesy informercial, but this program really worked for me, and the community is a great place to share your fitness journey, too 🙂

PIIT28: Days 1-14

I’m not gonna lie, these days were the toughest! Prior to starting this program, I was only doing a few Blogilates videos along with running a few miles every so often. Day 1 was Abdomination and it was a BEAST. I was so sweaty and my abs were crying—but it was a good pain! Those ab challenging moves paired with cardio seriously kicked my butt. I say the first two weeks were tough because I had to get my body used to working out every day–there was no time to be lazy. I worked out at weird hours since I had class/clinic until late, so I would work out at 10-11PM at night. It definitely helped me sleep, though!


This was seriously how I felt!

See that sweat dripping down my chin? PIIT28 is no joke! Yes, the workouts are pretty tough, but once you get used to pushing yourself, you’ll start to love it. And I think seeing the results of my hard work was probably the best thing. While this was just a progress pic (since I was only halfway through the program) I was feeling pretty good!

FullSizeRender 7

While the physical differences aren’t too major (some random person took the time to comment on my pic in Swedish that “there is absolutely no difference” lol), my mindset was slowly changing to one that was more positive and excited to embrace this fitness journey. I was excited to work out! I wanted to push myself as hard as I could to see what kind of results I would get.

I was also slowly connecting with the PIIT/POPster community–these people are amazing and supportive, and I love how everyone tries to raise each other up (vs. tearing each other down like that rando Swedish commenter lol).


The PIIT community is great! ❤ that Swedish comment tho XD 

If anyone’s reading this and has questions about this PIIT28 program, let me know! 🙂

My PIIT28 Journey

So I normally don’t do fitness programs, because I never really saw the appeal in them. However, last month I saw that Blogilates had a new program called PIIT28 (yeah the name is kinda funny, I instantly think of an arm pit for some reason) where you only work out for 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day for 28 days to see results. At first I was pretty skeptical… but considering that it’s PIIT–Pilates Intense Interval Training–similar to HIIT, except with Pilates toning moves, I thought, “Why not try it? If I work really hard, then I’ll get stronger and fitter like Cassey in her promo pics:

ho96Z7gBR2qHU3jwrnwA_PIIT LOGIN
Like, holy moly! She looks so strong and confident! If she can do it, then I can at least try it out and see where it takes me. What’s nice about the program is that it’s not just workouts you have to follow along to, there’s also an Instagram (or #PIITstagram) calendar that you follow, where you have to post something each day, following the daily prompts. It keeps you accountable for posting along with interacting with the rest of the PIIT community!  So over the month I was posting pictures and working out on a daily basis. The good thing is that there are rest days, however it was pretty weird getting into that workout groove that on my rest days I was itching to move around!  The program also recommends you to record your measurements on day 1, to compare with the final day 28.