My PIIT28 Journey

So I normally don’t do fitness programs, because I never really saw the appeal in them. However, last month I saw that Blogilates had a new program called PIIT28 (yeah the name is kinda funny, I instantly think of an arm pit for some reason) where you only work out for 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day for 28 days to see results. At first I was pretty skeptical… but considering that it’s PIIT–Pilates Intense Interval Training–similar to HIIT, except with Pilates toning moves, I thought, “Why not try it? If I work really hard, then I’ll get stronger and fitter like Cassey in her promo pics:

ho96Z7gBR2qHU3jwrnwA_PIIT LOGIN
Like, holy moly! She looks so strong and confident! If she can do it, then I can at least try it out and see where it takes me. What’s nice about the program is that it’s not just workouts you have to follow along to, there’s also an Instagram (or #PIITstagram) calendar that you follow, where you have to post something each day, following the daily prompts. It keeps you accountable for posting along with interacting with the rest of the PIIT community!  So over the month I was posting pictures and working out on a daily basis. The good thing is that there are rest days, however it was pretty weird getting into that workout groove that on my rest days I was itching to move around!  The program also recommends you to record your measurements on day 1, to compare with the final day 28.



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