PIIT28 Days 14-28

The final stretch! While I was still excited to workout and get things done–I was getting kind of lazy and complacent. I would put off doing PIIT and allow myself to get distracted by other things on the Internet: YouTube videos, etc. This was where the #Piitstagram community stepped in to motivate me. While I was in my lazy state of mind, I would swipe through my Instagram and see everyone’s posts about how they’re working hard and squeezing in time to work out. Seeing these posts lit a fire under my butt—I had to get it done! And the great thing is: it’s ONLY 28 minutes and 40 seconds! I had to keep reminding myself that.

While the first two rounds are tough, once you get halfway–there’s that light at the end of the tunnel. I always think “omg I’m halfway there, I GOT THIS” and then Beast mode it through XD I was crazy enough to do two PIIT workouts in one day! It was killer but it felt SO good afterwards, I felt so accomplished–like I could do anything.

Another thing with the community is that one of the PIITsters that I followed wanted to do a bracelet exchange! This was really fun, and I love the bracelet she sent me 🙂 This also works as a motivator, as I’m always staring down at my wrists when I’m in plank or doing *gasp* froggy hops. I really really hate froggy hops.

FullSizeRender 7

She made the one with the rhinestone. So sparkly!

Day 28: Judgement day. I was so nervous before taking my day 28 After picture! I kept thinking: “what if I haven’t made any physical changes at all?

FullSizeRender 8

I was pretty surprised! My waist slimmed down, and after measuring myself, I lost:

.5″ off my chest (from 29″ to 28.5″)

2″  off my waist (from 28″ to 26″)

1.8″ off my hips  (37.8″ to 36″)

1″ off my thighs (22″ to 21″ on both sides)

and gained:

1-2″ on my biceps (from 10″ to 12.25 on my R side, and from 10″ to 11.25″ on my L side)

1″ on my bust (from 31″ to 32″)

While my transformation wasn’t major, I’m glad I did it! It was a fun and rewarding experience. Going into this, I only thought of the physical changes that I wanted to see–but what’s so much better is the change of mindset: I’ve gained more of a can-do attitude, more confidence (which is huge, since I wasn’t a very confident person to begin with), and more mental strength–or the ability to push myself harder!

Oh, and if you do finish PIIT28 and the #PIITstagram challenge, you also get a completion PIIT28 tank (FREE shipping in the US, $5 shipping for int’l)! It’s soft and flowy, perfect for showing off the abs that you worked so hard for 😀

I hope this review of PIIT28 was helpful. If anyone has any questions, just comment below! If you’d like to join me on this journey (we’re on round 2 of PIIT–with added strength training and ab work!) click here! I don’t mean to sound like a cheesy informercial, but this program really worked for me, and the community is a great place to share your fitness journey, too 🙂


2 thoughts on “PIIT28 Days 14-28

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi! Awesome progress pics! I really like your blog 🙂
    was wondering if you did the 28 Day Reset meal plan as well? Or did you just do the PIIT28 program by itself? Thank you!


    • mintelatesfitnessjourney says:

      Thanks Melissa! I just did the PIIT28 program by itself. Including the meal plan would’ve been difficult, since I’m living with my family and they have more control of the meals. I think as long as you eat clean you’re good to go! 🙂


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