POPFlex Swan Tank review


So I LOVE the new Blogilates’ POPFlex line, and I’m slowly accumulating more and more of their activewear line as you can see:


Starting from the top left: Pull on my Heart Strings Bra in Peony, Pull on my Heart Strings Bra in Navy, Set the Bar Bra in Navy/Peony, Swan Tank in Navy, Pointe Leggings in Navy, and Pointe Leggings in Snow White. 

The bottom watercolor pieces and black top are from the BodyPOP line that are on sale here! The bra is still available in Large and X-Large, the black top is available in Small, and the watercolor shorts are still available in XS. I’ll be reviewing those later.

So today I’ll be reviewing the Swan tank in Navy:


I got it because the back is draping and so pretty! and because it’s open, letting you show off the backing of an intricate sports bra.


Did a little mini photoshoot to show off the top! So because it’s a halter top, there’s a little bit of tension against the neck, and it does feel more fitted at the waist where it gathers in the back with the periwinkle stretchy spandex band. If you don’t like stuff around your neck (like if you have a sensitive neck or anything) then I wouldn’t recommend this top as there is some pulling against the neck whenever you move around. Overall though, it’s very comfortable and light–the material is a lot more sheer than I thought it was going to be, but because of that it breathes well:



their lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric

The fit around the bust is also a bit weird, but I may have gotten too big of a sizing (6) even though I followed their size chart. Your sports bra might peek out a bit, and the halter in the front doesn’t really lay flat against your chest–but if you don’t mind either then it’s all good!




back: love how it drapes 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂


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