1 year ago…Blogilates meet and greet!

Wow! I can’t believe it was last year that I was able to go to Blogilates’ meet and greet at the 24 Fitness in Costa Mesa, when I was still living in California. A year ago I wrote up a short blurb to solidify one of my dream goals: to do a live workout with Cassey! Let’s go back in time now…


My whole body is sore, but it’s a great feeling. Today I got the chance to meet Cassey Ho and tons of friendly popsters! It was such an amazing experience and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of it. Thanks to my instagram post (which I thought was posted too late) I got a VIP ticket to the HotBodyTourSoCal class at the 24 Fitness in Costa Mesa! I was so elated and excited to get a chance to fulfill one of my dreams, which is to take a Pop Pilates class led by Cassey. The night before the  meetup/class, I spent hours drawing up something which I thought was pretty fitting: a magical girl Cassey!


I need to find the finished piece…it’s on my old computer somewhere

Her positivity and confidence is magical, and seeing how many Popsters are out there in the world, you can see how those two traits have such an influence on us. I printed the drawing twice (cursing at how the color wasn’t as vibrant on page in comparison to the digital drawing) just in case, and because I didn’t have any cool stickers, used a little christmas penguin to seal the drawing. I had my bag packed: towel, jacket, book, pens, drawing, and ticket. I was totally set for the next day… I was too excited to sleep! I imagined how the class was going to be, if I was going to make any new Popster friends, and if Cassey was going to like my drawing or not lol.

On my drive over to the 24 hr Fitness, my heart was pounding with nervousness. I found some great parking thanks to a nice gentleman, who pointed out choice parking spot right by the entrance. After gathering my yoga mat and bag I made my way into the gym. There was already a line gathering along the hallway above the workout room, so I stood in line and waited to see if the Popster I made friends with on the Blogilates app would show up. It  took about 30 minutes, but I got to meet her in person and we chatted while waiting. After a while the line started to move–we were finally going in! My friend and I got great spots, right in the front, so we all laid out our mats and took a seat. The girl next to me was pretty friendly, and I talked to her about school and stuff for a bit. Suddenly, everyone started clapping. Cassey walked in! I felt so starstruck–it’s interesting and weird in a way, to see someone who’ve you been following for four years over YouTube, to finally see them in the flesh–I was like “oh my gosh she’s REAL!!!” After talking about how this class was the end of her tour and how much she’s been traveling, she thanked us for coming and started up the music. The Pilates class was pretty awesome, to say the least. Even though I’ve  been following her videos for so long, it was tough and every part of my body burned (in the good way, of course). I love that I was able to yell and laugh out my pain with everyone else in the room–it was truly a shared experience. I think what killed me the most were the ab moves, there were just so many different moves and reps that destroyed my core–I couldn’t press pause, I just had to push myself to keep going. Cassey even mentioned during the beginning of the class that we should work hard because this is the perfect opportunity to do so–she wanted to see our effort, and I’m definitely sure she could see it in all the glistening sweaty faces throughout the room.

The class actually felt pretty short, even though it was an hour. I was drenched in sweat but it felt good, as adrenaline pumped through my veins. It was time to do the meet and greet! We were allowed two pictures–so I thought about what my poses were going to be while my popster friend and I waited. As we got closer to the front of the line, I was getting so nervous! I took fidgety sips of water and smeared my lips with chapstick. Finally, it was my turn–I said hello and she greeted me with a hi and a hug. I asked her if we could do a tree pose together and she was cool with it so as we posed I realized how nervous I was–my leg had such a hard time lifting because it was shaking so much!! aagh darn you nervousness. I then gave her my drawing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cassey smiled when she saw the penguin sticker and asked if it was okay to open it now–I said sure, of course. After reading the words and I think she was impressed by it–I think she said “wow” lol. She was also like, “this looks familiar, I feel like I’ve seen this before on social media,” and I said yes, I made a post on Twitter about it (I based the pose off of a pose from her hot body book). That was so cool that  she remembered that post!! I would feel that someone that popular on every social media site would just forget about something they’ve liked minutes after–just because they must see a lot of posts directed at them. I appreciate how she took the time to look at it, asking me if the top is like the Bodypop top –yep–and if I made this in illustrator –I replied “Photoshop!” Most people would just be like “wow it’s so pretty thank you!” after just glancing at it briefly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She thanked me (and I think she hugged me?? I remember a lot of hugging lol) and we took a quick selfie together–again, due to my nervousness my hand was shaking slightly as I held the camera. I stuttered an apology and she asked if I wanted to take it again. After checking the photo, which looked fine, I said it was okay. As she signed my book I told her that I’ve been doing her videos for four years. She was like “Wow! those older videos were so ghetto!” and laughed. And this is where I realized that I jumble my words a ton when I’m nervous. My brain wanted to say “Your class totally kicked my butt” My mouth said: “Your butt–” She looked at me quizically and I immediately corrected myself–I honestly do not know how I function every single day. She then answered: “Good! That’s what they’re supposed to do!” (or something to that extent) She hugged me again as I thanked her and said goodbye. After getting the chance to meet her, Cassey seems like a very sweet and genuine person, and I’m proud to be a Popster!

Overall I’m glad I tried and I’m glad that I went. When the tour dates first came out I was reluctant to go–thinking “no way would I get a VIP ticket” and that Costa Mesa is way too far from where I live. It was all worth it. That experience is something that I’ll remember and treasure forever. ❤ 

…Aaaand warp back to the present!

One year later, who knew I was going to be a Pop Pilates Instructor-in-Training?! Life is a pretty amazing thing 🙂



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