POP Pilates Master Class and Instructor Training!

Wow! Yesterday was definitely all day Pilates πŸ˜€ The 24 Hr Fitness in Honolulu was holding a Master Class taught by Cassey (Blogilates) at 11am, so I met my friend down there and got in line at 10:00! It was so crowded and crazy, but it was so neat to see all the Hawaii Popsters lining up! When they finally let us into the group X room, we had to squeeze! There was barely room between mats and they even had to turn some people away 0_0 It was nuts!

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Everyone went crazy when Cassey came in! She wore a beautiful lei and was super bubbly and energetic, saying how surprised she was at the huge turnout and how she loved the beaches and was excited to go snorkeling.

The Master Class was amazing and really kicked my butt–but not as much as the guy in front of me, Β because he was seriously sweating up a storm XD He was drenched in sweat. I kept thinking: Yep, POP Pilates is no joke! Everyone was yelling their pain out together while we did mini lunge taps and walnut crushes–it burned so good!


Post-Master Class sweaty selfie!

My friend (on the left) said that PIIT28 definitely helped her to keep up with the class! πŸ˜€ I was like “YES PIIT is amazing!” After the class they had a meet and greet upstairs, but since I had to do instructor training right after I got to stay downstairs–as Cassey was going to do a session with us later.

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Meeting Cassey was awesome! I told her how I did her Costa Mesa class and how excited I was that they were having a training in Hawaii. I also told her how I couldn’t wait to get myΒ mermaid Β POPFLEX gear!

During our instructor training, we started off doing the full 55 minute class (2 HOURS of POP PILATES whatttt?!) and Jules was such an amazing instructor–she really knows her stuff. Overall, the experience was pretty amazing. It was interesting to learn from the veteran instructors about cueing and form, and how positive everyone was! I was so nervous to practice teaching my track, but we broke off into smaller groups–and even though I knew I was messing up (not cuing enough) everyone was really supportive and saying that I was doing fine! I really appreciate the “good vibes only” mindset in our class. What I love about learning POP Pilates is the fact that it’s such an inclusive format—there’s always a modification! It doesn’t push anyone away from getting a good workout. ❀

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Only in Hawaii :3 Gotta have the Shaka ❀ 

Overall, if you’re thinking of becoming a POP Instructor, definitely do it! It’s such a fun and positive environment—I’m determined to share this type of workout with everyone πŸ˜€




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