POPFLEX Mermaid Crop Top Review


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.07.25 AM

Today I’ll be reviewing the POPFLEX Criss Cross Crop Top in Mermaid! I was so excited to get this in the mail the other day, I ripped open the bag and tried it on. The iridescent mermaid color is just as pretty as it is in the pictures.


And idk how it’s a fad now, but I also really love the little criss cross that goes across the chest. Because this is part of their Mermaid line of activewear, I decided to do a little photoshoot at the beach! πŸ™‚ All photo credits go to my boyfriend Anthony (thank you! <3)




04.28.16: Update: the POPFLEX logo fell off! It was really loose so I guess it got lost when I first washed it (hand washed with a lil bit of detergent) :\ Kind of sad that there’s no logo anymore…


excuse my funny tan lines… πŸ˜›


If anyone’s wondering about sizes, if you measure yourself and follow their size chart (here)Β it’s pretty true to size! I got a size 4 and it fits pretty nicely. And the cups are so much better than the ones they used in their BODYPOP line–it looks a lot more natural and isn’t in the way!



“How can I look dancerly?”





Later on in the day I did a PIIT28 abdomination workout wearing the criss cross top and it felt great! It was very supportive and I could’ve worn it by itself if I didn’t sweat so much XD You can get the top here! (they’ll be restocking sizes in mid to late May) If anyone has any questions about this top, let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚



Four of us (different bust sizes) all wearing the crop top under our shirts/tanks!

additional comments: The material feels thick to me, but upon closer inspection it’s not that thick at all! It’s definitely not flimsy though.

I also wanted to add that unfortunately the straps are not adjustable.

I’ve heard other people exchanging their tops because the straps felt too tight, which made the armpit area uncomfortable.


As you can see, it sits pretty close to the armpit area…




3 thoughts on “POPFLEX Mermaid Crop Top Review

  1. HN says:

    Love the post, but none of your pictures are loading! Except for the “I love the colors! The fit is also very supportive” one. I tried it on safari, chrome, and chrome (from my android), to no avail :(.

    How thick is the material? I’m 34C/D and wondering how supportive it is. Also, does it sit smoothly under t-shirts?



    • mintelatesfitnessjourney says:

      Hi! Sorry about that, it seems like all my picture got cleared out of my photo library. I just replaced them so it should show up now! The material feels kind of thick, but in actuality it’s thin! I’ll add a picture to my post to show that. I think it’s very supportive, though I’m a different bust size–I added a group picture where three of my friends are also wearing the crop top–they’re different bust sizes than me and they said they love their tops. In the same picture we’re also wearing tanks/shirt over the crop top so you can see how smoothly it sits. I guess it depends on how tight the t-shirt is? Hope that helps! πŸ™‚


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