PIIT 1.0 round 3!

While it’s great to make fitness a habit, it’s always good to never get bored of it! That’s how I was when I was trying to get through my second round of PIIT 2.0. I didn’t really look forward to doing workouts and started to slack off. What’s great about the PIIT/POPster community is that I see people going on their 2nd and 3rd rounds–and I saw that one of my POPster friends was killin’ it at PIIT! Instead of doing another round of PIIT 2.0, Β she switched it up to do PIIT 1.0 again! This got me thinking: Hmmm would 1.0 kill me as much as the first time?

Just finished my first week of doing PIIT 1.0 (round 3) and it’s actually pretty neat to see how much I’ve improved since the first time I did 1.0!

Moves that straight up KILLED me during my first round (like I wanted to stop because my muscles were burning–in the good way ofc):

14CHIN447B Oh My Quad comp copy

This tank would be perfect for PIIT 1.2: Perfect LegsΒ 

  • Long lunge pulses (omg my QUADS–oh my QUADs amiright?!)
  • Single leg hops (burnin’ calves!)
  • Froggy Hops (yikes)

This was the result:

FullSizeRender 8

my BodyPop top is so versatile: looks cute AND can wipe up my sweaty face during PIIT!

I was a sweaty mess, but a good sweaty mess, y’know? I loved the fact that those moves I listed above were challenging but didn’t kill me as much as the first time around. I could Β push through them–and I think it’s all thanks to doing PIIT 2.0! But I still like that PIIT 1.0 can still make me sweat and breathe just as hard as PIIT 2.0. πŸ™‚ If anyone is interested in joining up for PIIT, I’d recommend doing 1.0 as prerequisite and then move onto 2.0 if you want more of a challenge. Think of those Froggy Hops being replaced by Singe-legged burpees or reptile jumps! XP

If you’d like to join me as I do PIIT 1.0 again, click HERE! If you have any questions about this program, feel free to comment below.


Join me in PIIT 1.0! And add me on Insta @mintelates so we can cheer each other on! πŸ™‚


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