For those days when all you can fit in is 8 minutes…

…this workout is perfect for you! So I had a long day of classes 10-7pm plus weird traffic so I got home at 8pm, just plain exhausted. My mom’s friend who runs her own gym made this awesome and quick Tabata workout video, and I enjoyed it! I’m still sweating as a type this, haha.


Fun stuff! My back is all sweaty

All you need is right here in this picture!


  1. A chair
  2. A towel (roll it up)
  3. A desk!

And that’s it! There are 4 moves:

  1. narrow chair squats (with rolled towel or shirt between your thighs)
  2. wandering star
  3. pushups (against desk)
  4. chair dips

so for each move you do:

20 seconds work  + 10 seconds of “rest” (aka hold the move!)

Here is a link to her video if you’d like to check it out:

I love trying out new workouts! ^_^ Do you have any favorites? Let me know!


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