Beauté wise eyeliner: PIIT28 Tested

One day, I was scrolling through my Insta feed and saw that a brand of eyeliner called Beauté wise was celebrating a milestone and having a giveaway! I thought “why not try?” and submitted my entry. A few days later, I was notified that I won! A $1 dual eyeliner pen that’s smudge/sweat/oil resistant? Yes, please! I quickly bought it and waited for it to arrive in the mail.


best. deal. EVER. 


The packaging is so cute and the pen is so pretty 

It’s a dual eyeliner pen, so one side has a thinner pen tip while the other side is thicker:


While I’m not the savviest makeup person, I wanted to see if this makeup could withstand the sweat power of PIIT28 (2.0). I’ve also been looking around for an eyeliner to wear during my POP Pilates workouts, so this was a great find! Here is my before and after picture:

I sweat like crazy during workouts, so this was a real test! It stayed on pretty well throughout the 30 minutes I was huffin’ and puffin’ and sweating my face off. Here’s a before/after close-up of the eyeliner.

Right eye:

Left eye:

It only came off a tiny bit on the left side, but overall, I love how much it stayed on and lasted through my sweaty workout!

This was PIIT28 tested, and PIIT28 approved in my book! 🙂

Thanks so much to Beauté wise for the amazing deal and beautiful dual eyeliner pen ❤ It’s $18 and ships FREE in the U.S.


The importance of stretching

I know we’ve heard this time and time again, whether it’s during a practice or before working out: “You gotta stretch!” I used to roll my eyes, do a few flamingoes and take off running. Recently, or ever since I did my second trial of #journeytosplits, I’ve found how beneficial stretching can be. I feel less stiff and tense the next day, and my performance is way better during workouts, especially during PIIT. I thought, “Hmm how much would it affect my running?”

So I tried Yoga with Adriene’s two videos: her Warm Up Sequence before my run, and

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-3-16-04-pm her Cool down sequence right after my run:

her Cool down sequence right after my run:


It helps SO much! Normally I feel my back and calves tense up, but since I took the time to stretch and warm up my muscles before running, everything feels a lot more relaxed and I feel more aware of my muscles as I’m running–in the good way, of course! The cool down sequence is also necessary to stretch everything out even more after working them during the run.

New Year = New You (PIIT28 is 30% off!)


Who’s ready for 2017? I can’t wait to use this beautiful planner that I got from POPFLEX


With the new year coming around the corner, PIIT28 is on sale again! If you’ve ever been curious about this program, now is the chance to try it. This year has been so crazy, and I can’t wait to start fresh–and take on new challenges this year. While I’ve stopped doing PIIT28 daily, I still continue to add it on to exercises that I love (yoga, running on the beach), to add variety to it.

Here is Blogilates’ post on the details of the PIIT28 sale:


Use the coupon code: PIIT2017 to get 30% off at checkout!

Buy it HERE! 

For those of you starting out, I recommend getting PIIT 1.0 first, as it’s a prerequisite to PIIT 2.0. For those already on their PIIT 1.0 journey, you should try 2.0! It’s so much more challenging and really pushes you to work even harder to get the results you want. Everything on the site, including the meal plan, is on sale! 🙂  If you have any questions, let me know!

Also, if you do finish PIIT28 1.0, you get a free PIIT28 tank! ;D More details are included once you finish one month of PIIT.


#DarkBloom Wishing Star Capris

I was so excited to get these in the mail! ^_^ I just had to go do a little mini photoshoot on my own, and then later on with a friend. So these are the POPFLEX Wishing Star Capris, which are something us POPsters have been wishing for so long ❤ A good number of us out there are more petite or short, so capris are awesome—and also great for hot weather places, like Hawaii!

So here they are: in Night and Plum. The make my legs look sooo long because of the side mesh! One unfortunate thing was that I noticed a little tear on my plum capris 😦  This happened after my second time wearing them, so I’m guessing that my calves were too big or something lol.


I am 5’4″ and got a size 6, though these felt pretty snug on me. When I did a size comparison with the previous POPFLEX pointe legging and this one, I noticed that there’s a HUGE difference! Maybe next time I’ll get a size 8 (which is my normal medium sized bottoms lol).

Here are some pros and cons before I post all my pics from both shoots 😀


  • beautiful color
  • unique criss-cross star pattern on sides
  • wicks moisture pretty well


  • a bit tight on calf area (if you have big soccer/running calves like me)
  • no pockets 😦
  • snug, but probably would’ve fit better if I sized up: ALWAYS check the size guide if you’re not sure! That was my con lol.

Onto the pics! If you have any questions, let me know. You can check out all of the POPFLEX stuff here!




By the way… There’s MORE POPFLEX coming out!!! 😀 Some sneak peek designs:


Those running shorts, leggings, sports bras, and tops??? Definitely going to break my bank *cries*

#DARKBLOOM craziness!

This morning at 10am HST (12pm PST) POPFLEX released their #DARKBLOOM collection, and I was so excited! It was a bit crazy in the beginning because after 10 minutes, everything started selling out! My fellow POPsters and I were so disappointed because items were disappearing from our carts, but thankfully POPFLEX told everyone it was just a glitch, and to keep checking back on the site. Sure enough, everything was back in stock! Weird, huh?

Here are some of the pieces they released this morning:


So pretty! I love that they have Capris now, and I’m hoping they release more soon! aka sports bras (like the one pictured with the beautiful Queen’s Coat jacket), and cabernet colored leggings ❤ To check all of it out for yourself: CLICK HERE!

They also added Dark Bloom scarves, glass water bottles, and mats! (Oh and there’s the 2017 Fitness Planner, too!)


I was able to get the capris in both plum and night, so I’ll be doing a review of those later ;D

If you bought anything, what did you get? Let me know!

POPFLEX review: Siren tank

Hey, everyone! So as you know, I snagged myself the POPFLEX Siren tank that I’ve been wanting to get for like….a while, just because I’ve been wanting a more fitted top. Don’t you hate it when you’re doing plank jacks or burpees and your shirt just rides up?? It’s a little pet peeve of mine. 😛

So here it is! (with my matching POP shorts) Size 6 Siren top + Size 6 POP shorts.


I’ve heard from fellow POPsisters and POPsters that this tank is REALLY tight and not that stretchy, so I went a size up, and BOY, am I glad I did! The material is strangely not stretchy in comparison to the material that the leggings are made out of… As you can see:



Here’s the back!



It’s pretty tight on me. And the neck part feels a little bit constricting. Over time I got kind of used to it, though.

Was this meant to be a compression top? If so, it’s working! I did some POP Pilates practice today, and everything stayed in place, so kudos to that. I also like that there’s a built-in bra with removable padding! (I love things that are two-in-one lol)

However, the fit is still interesting to me. I have broad shoulders so putting this on and taking it off were mighty difficult. It might just be my proportions being weird. Is anyone else having this issue?


Also, because I went a size up, there was still space in the backing part of it, which includes a cool mesh and cut-out:


the backing is pretty + airflow for breathability

However, due to this extra space, it caused some awkward puckering:

One plus side is that the halter neckline makes my shoulders and arm muscles really stand out!

Overall, here is a pros and cons list for this Siren tank! While it is pretty tight, it does its job in keeping everything together, and I love the backing and how the neckline lets you show off your arms and shoulders.

  • PROS:
    • compression keeps everything in: no sagging or riding up
    • really cute back design with breathability
    • built-in bra w/ removable padding
    • wanna show off your arms/shoulders? this is the top for you!
  • CONS: 
    • My main issue was that it has so MUCH compression–the fabric is very tight and doesn’t stretch much, so go a size up!
    • puckering in the back.

If you’re interested in getting some POPFLEX, you can get some HERE! I’m eagerly awaiting Wednesday… If you have any questions, just lmk in the comments below 🙂

Btw: I’m hoping the new #DarkBloom collection that’s coming out this Wednesday is much better fitting and is more inclusive for all shapes and sizes!


I’m really excited to see the colors and styles of activewear and accessories that are going to be released! The only junk thing is that I have no money because I spent all of it on Black Friday deals lol. We shall see…