#DARKBLOOM craziness!

This morning at 10am HST (12pm PST) POPFLEX released their #DARKBLOOM collection, and I was so excited! It was a bit crazy in the beginning because after 10 minutes, everything started selling out! My fellow POPsters and I were so disappointed because items were disappearing from our carts, but thankfully POPFLEX told everyone it was just a glitch, and to keep checking back on the site. Sure enough, everything was back in stock! Weird, huh?

Here are some of the pieces they released this morning:


So pretty! I love that they have Capris now, and I’m hoping they release more soon! aka sports bras (like the one pictured with the beautiful Queen’s Coat jacket), and cabernet colored leggings ❀ To check all of it out for yourself: CLICK HERE!

They also added Dark Bloom scarves, glass water bottles, and mats! (Oh and there’s the 2017 Fitness Planner, too!)


I was able to get the capris in both plum and night, so I’ll be doing a review of those later ;D

If you bought anything, what did you get? Let me know!


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