New Year = New You (PIIT28 is 30% off!)


Who’s ready for 2017? I can’t wait to use this beautiful planner that I got from POPFLEX


With the new year coming around the corner, PIIT28 is on sale again! If you’ve ever been curious about this program, now is the chance to try it. This year has been so crazy, and I can’t wait to start fresh–and take on new challenges this year. While I’ve stopped doing PIIT28 daily, I still continue to add it on to exercises that I love (yoga, running on the beach), to add variety to it.

Here is Blogilates’ post on the details of the PIIT28 sale:


Use the coupon code: PIIT2017 to get 30% off at checkout!

Buy it HERE! 

For those of you starting out, I recommend getting PIIT 1.0 first, as it’s a prerequisite to PIIT 2.0. For those already on their PIIT 1.0 journey, you should try 2.0! It’s so much more challenging and really pushes you to work even harder to get the results you want. Everything on the site, including the meal plan, is on sale! 🙂  If you have any questions, let me know!

Also, if you do finish PIIT28 1.0, you get a free PIIT28 tank! ;D More details are included once you finish one month of PIIT.



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