Dark Bloom Ch. 2 RELEASE

I was so excited this morning because POPFLEX released Part 2 of their Dark Bloom collection today! I was so worried items would sell out, but fortunately, I was able to get the pieces that I wanted…I kind of killed my wallet, but my heart is excited and happy to wear them to future POP classes! Here is my haul:


Of course, I had to buy ALL the Dark Bloom print stuff! I feel like it’s my favorite print so far in the BodyPop/POPFLEX collections. I also forgot to add this pic, but they made a beautiful Zenith Zip bra:


Look at how cute that is! Now there’s a sports bra that I won’t have to contort myself out of XD. One thing to note is that the backing is sheer, so we’ll see how supportive they are.

They also brought out shiny capris and zip bras:

And for some reason, only the Shiny Capris have POCKETS! :\ I was in such a rush to get my stuff I didn’t even notice it had pockets lol. Oh, and another new thing is their running shorts:


They look like flower petals!

Phew! Did some serious retail therapy today.Β I can’t wait to review them all and show you guys! If you’re interested in checking out more Dark Bloom stuff, click HERE πŸ˜€ If you do buy any pieces, let me know!


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