Layla Mali: Bag Review!

My POPster friend and her friend started up their own online shop with beautiful handmade bags, and to treat myself for graduating, I bought myself a mini blue shoulder bag. To my surprise, I received a large package in the mail from them.

Why is this package so large, I ordered a teeny little bag! I thought to myself as I opened it. To my surprise, there was not one, but two bags! A colorful yoga bag along with the bag I purchased! :O Along with it was a note from my POPster friend congratulating me for graduating–the yoga bag was a graduation gift! The gesture was so sweet I wanted to cry happy tears :’) Thank you so much! I wanted to spread the word so if you’re a bag lady like me, feel free to check them out HERE! Here’s a little preview of their products:

I wanted to give a more in-depth review of both bags here, so let’s go!

I usually carry around a lot of stuff whenever I go out, so I figured it was time for a change! This shoulder bag is really perfect if you’re looking to downsize and declutter your purse game ;D Even though it measures at around 3.5×6″ there are three pretty roomy pockets that can carry things like:

  • chapstick
  • car keys
  • cell phone
  • coin purse (that I use as my wallet)
  • anti-bac hand gel
  • pocket mirror
  • ear buds

I fell in love with the peony design and the different shades of blue ❤ I also really like the coin zipper pulls, however they’re a bit thin so I’m always careful when pulling on them–I’d hate to break them by yanking on it too fast! I’d also hate it if the zipper got stuck on the bag material–I tend to do that with my Jansport backpack when I’m in a rush, haha. I’ve used this bag at least 5-6 times, and it’s held up pretty well so far!


Next up is the peony yoga bag!



So in love with how vibrant and colorful this bag is! ^_^ 


I’ve used it to take my POPFLEX Desert Garden yoga mat to a friend’s POP Pilates class, and it kept my mat nice and clean, while being just as colorful as my mat 😉


What was nice was that there was extra space in the bag (dimensions are 8.5×30″). Usually, the yoga bags I use can barely fit my yoga mat, so I like having extra space just in case I need to pack a towel or wallet in there.



This bag is actually sold out, but there are similar styles (just different colors) still in stock on their page  for $45


Their shipping is also really quick, and they do ship internationally.

So if you’re searching for some colorful bags, check them out! 🙂


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