Blogilates’ Body Tone Bootcamp: Review

School’s out and summer is upon us: that means beaches and bikinis/swimsuits galore! Blogilates’ has got you covered with her 6 Week Body Tone Bootcamp series. I really liked how she explained her process in naming the series–at first, she thought of names like “Bikini Body” or “Summer Body” bootcamp–but she changed her mind because we shouldn’t have to fit a certain ideal to feel good about ourselves! We should want to work out because we want to feel stronger and confident in whatever we want to wear. I followed the 6-week series, doing one video (repeating it four times) each week–while also pairing it with PIIT28 and running. (Oh, did I mention that I signed up for the runDisney 5k Summer series? I’ll talk about that later in another post!) I love how each video worked different sets of muscles and had that perfect intensity similar to PIIT28 so that I didn’t feel out of shape when doing actual PIIT workouts!

What I liked about this series was that its style is similar to PIIT28: 45 seconds per move, with a 15-second rest break in between–7 moves per set, doing four sets total! So if you decide to follow the series, you would do a 28-29 minute workout each week! The lazy girl in me just LOVES that about PIIT (and this Body Toning Bootcamp series) 😀

Also, because each video focuses one area–the burn is REAL. The toughest move for me was during the Elevated Leg Circles in the Legs Focus video:

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.09.10 PM

My booty and legs DIE during this move–I even have to take tiny breaks because everything BURNS so bad, especially during the Left Leg Elevated Circles, since my booty was already working to hold myself up. This one is torture for me, but in a good way of course, haha! Another thing that I like is that Blogilates continues to keep making more challenging videos! I’m never bored or thinking “wow these moves are way too easy!”

In my opinion, my favorite and most challenging video is the Arms Focus video. I feel like my arms are a more neglected area, so it’s really nice to find a video that solely focuses on strengthening my arms with moves like Tricep Kick ‘n Dips and the dreaded Triple pushup!

Another plus is that this series is apartment-friendly, which means no jumping around to disturb your neighbors below you! But even when there’s no jumping I still work up a sweat, especially during the Fat Burn Total Body Focus video!

The series ends with a lovely and really intense 18 minute Stretch and Flexibility Focus video, which leads into splits practice! I’m still working on getting into the splits, so I want to continue going through this video until I get there!

Overall, I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to try something new with their workout routine! And if you enjoy it and want to challenge yourself even more, try the PIIT28 program! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blogilates’ Body Tone Bootcamp: Review

    • mintelatesfitnessjourney says:

      Hi! It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think they’re all that easy—because they’re very targeted videos! While PIIT28 has a general theme, the targeted muscle group is paired with cardio moves, so it’s a little bit different.
      However, my fitness level is different from yours so it may be easy for you. I’ve been doing PIIT for a while, but I really enjoy doing these to challenge myself 🙂 I highly recommend it if you want a change of pace, and it’s fun because it’s the same style of PIIT28.


  1. Nouf says:

    hello i just want to ask you a questions
    do i have to do just one video booty focus for example for week 1 once then week 2 abs once and like that ?
    i just feel its so few time it wont work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mintelatesfitnessjourney says:

      Hi! So Blogilates mentioned that you only had to do one video (four rounds) each week, but I totally agree with you, it’s not that many times working out. Seeing how she has all of the videos out now, I would do four rounds of each video per day! For example, four rounds of abs on Monday, four rounds of legs on Tuesday…etc. etc. And it works perfectly because there are six videos! So if you want, you could do the videos from Monday-Saturday and then give yourself a rest day on Sunday (though one of the videos is flexibility so you could probably do any workout you prefer paired with the flexibility video). I hope that’s helpful!


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