Holiday Deals: $100 off Instructor Training, 50% off PIIT28, 30% off POPFLEX?!

Even though the Black Friday deals have come and gone, there are still lots of savings to be had!

1. Save 50% off ALL PIIT28 Programs! If you’ve been waiting for a chance to snag a deal on this awesome program, now is the time! Use the CODE: CYBER50 during checkout!  I would definitely take advantage of this deal and buy the bundle if you haven’t tried the PIIT28 program yet! It includes PIIT 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0!

2. Save $100 off POP Pilates Instructor Training!  If you’ve been interested in spreading the POP love and joy that comes through teaching POP Pilates, join the POP Army and save $$ at the same time! This deal ends tomorrow, 11/27. Use the code: POPARMY100 at checkout!



3. One MORE day to buy POPFLEX at 30% off! POPFLEX sales are super rare (and deals like this come pretty much once a year during Black Friday), plus you receive a FREE magic scarf when your discounted purchase equals 100$ or more! Keep warm and save! Use the CODE: HAPPYFRIDAY during checkout! Sale ends 11/27, so if you’ve had anything on your wishlist, better get it now!


Here are my top 5 fave POPFLEX pieces:


1. Your Highness Leggings: High waisted with a beautiful mesh pattern makes me feel unstoppable whenever I put these on!



2. Danger tank + 3. Adventure Zip Leggings in Cabernet: LOVE the handy zipper in both top and leggings. The Adventure zip leggings are similar to compression leggings, so my legs look awesome in these!



4. Victorious Tank + 5. Wishing Star Capri in Dark Bloom: The racerback design and low v neck helps show off your sports bra without being too revealing + the Dark Bloom pattern and material of the capris is so beautiful with the high cut mesh!

I managed to snag myself some items that have been on my wishlist for a while:

As always, if you have any questions about any of the PIIT28 programs/ POP Pilates Instructor Training/ POPFLEX, (phew! That’s a lot of stuff, isn’t it?) leave a comment below! 🙂









30% off everything PIIT28 and 28 Day Reset!

If you’ve been waiting for a sale on PIIT28 or maybe the 28 Day Reset, here’s your chance! Enter the code:


during checkout, and you’ll get 30% off everything on! 


Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.30.05 PM

The PIIT Power Pack $79 (which saves you about $38 if you were to buy them all separately)

Along with the 28 Day Reset if you’d like to try it out. I haven’t tried it out, so I can’t give my honest opinion on how effective it is. To check out my reviews on PIIT 1.0-3.0, click on the “Posts about…” link above, and select “PIIT28.”

This sale ends on September 5th. PIIT28 has made me so much stronger and appreciative of my body and what it can do. It has definitely helped me in becoming more confident and even trying out some of Blogilates crazy POP HIIT workouts (which KILL but not as bad as I thought they would)!

I hope you’ll join me in the PIITster community on Instagram so that you can earn your free PIIT28 tank, too! Feel free to comment if you have any questions 🙂


Here’s a quick ad if you want to see what PIIT28 is like!

What to do if a headache and stress have got you down? PIIT of course!

This weekend was a doozy. It started off going really well, but then some personal things got in the way and I ended up feeling very…bleh. Not the most descriptive term, I know, but I felt emotionally and physically drained, with a nagging headache. Instead of retreating and taking a nap (which is something I do sometimes), I pulled on my socks and shoes and picked a workout—It’s one of Blogilates’ Body tone bootcamps, but it’s pretty much PIIT28 style: 7 moves, 45 seconds each, with 15 second rest breaks in between for 4 rounds.

And I can’t forget my music, either! Music always gives some excitement to my workouts.

Whenever I feel stressed or frustrated, exercise always helps me kick the negativity away—it’s so therapeutic and I like killing two birds with one stone: as I was able to get a workout in while also physically releasing my stress. And I can’t forget hydration! Drinking enough water throughout the day can be tough, but water is so important for you! —and it also helps keep headaches away, at least for me this time!


FullSizeRender 23

A pretty POPFLEX water bottle to keep me hydrated! (listed under Accessories: it’s great bc it doesn’t leave a watery puddle on my desk)

What do you folks do when you’re feeling stressed?



Blogilates’ Body Tone Bootcamp: Review

School’s out and summer is upon us: that means beaches and bikinis/swimsuits galore! Blogilates’ has got you covered with her 6 Week Body Tone Bootcamp series. I really liked how she explained her process in naming the series–at first, she thought of names like “Bikini Body” or “Summer Body” bootcamp–but she changed her mind because we shouldn’t have to fit a certain ideal to feel good about ourselves! We should want to work out because we want to feel stronger and confident in whatever we want to wear. I followed the 6-week series, doing one video (repeating it four times) each week–while also pairing it with PIIT28 and running. (Oh, did I mention that I signed up for the runDisney 5k Summer series? I’ll talk about that later in another post!) I love how each video worked different sets of muscles and had that perfect intensity similar to PIIT28 so that I didn’t feel out of shape when doing actual PIIT workouts!

What I liked about this series was that its style is similar to PIIT28: 45 seconds per move, with a 15-second rest break in between–7 moves per set, doing four sets total! So if you decide to follow the series, you would do a 28-29 minute workout each week! The lazy girl in me just LOVES that about PIIT (and this Body Toning Bootcamp series) 😀

Also, because each video focuses one area–the burn is REAL. The toughest move for me was during the Elevated Leg Circles in the Legs Focus video:

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.09.10 PM

My booty and legs DIE during this move–I even have to take tiny breaks because everything BURNS so bad, especially during the Left Leg Elevated Circles, since my booty was already working to hold myself up. This one is torture for me, but in a good way of course, haha! Another thing that I like is that Blogilates continues to keep making more challenging videos! I’m never bored or thinking “wow these moves are way too easy!”

In my opinion, my favorite and most challenging video is the Arms Focus video. I feel like my arms are a more neglected area, so it’s really nice to find a video that solely focuses on strengthening my arms with moves like Tricep Kick ‘n Dips and the dreaded Triple pushup!

Another plus is that this series is apartment-friendly, which means no jumping around to disturb your neighbors below you! But even when there’s no jumping I still work up a sweat, especially during the Fat Burn Total Body Focus video!

The series ends with a lovely and really intense 18 minute Stretch and Flexibility Focus video, which leads into splits practice! I’m still working on getting into the splits, so I want to continue going through this video until I get there!

Overall, I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to try something new with their workout routine! And if you enjoy it and want to challenge yourself even more, try the PIIT28 program! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

PIIT28 Transformation Pack discount + omg I’m in a PIIT28 ad???

Sorry I’ve been so quiet online lately, I’ve been so busy with grad school, teaching POP, working out, and doing 4 Insta challenges! Phew!

Just wanted to share this with y’all! I woke up to find this in my Gmail inbox:


The PIIT Transformation Pack is now on sale, which includes:

PIIT 1.0, PIIT 2.0, and PIIT 3.0  The 28 Day reset meal plan (regular or Vegan!)

Use the code: sweaty15 

to get $15 off the Transformation Pack (regularly $99—> that’s $84!)

Also, if you finish PIIT 1.0 and follow the calendar, you can get an awesome PIIT28 tank to show off all your hard work!


Click here to join the awesome PIIT28 community 😉 

And for those who just want to try out PIIT28 1.0, click here. If you love the program and want to try out 2.0 and 3.0 afterward, I think 2.0 becomes available after you get 1.0, and 3.0 becomes available after you get 2.0, as each is a prerequisite to the next program. But honestly, I would want to save as much money as possible and buy the power pack (which saves about $38!) which has PIIT1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. If you have any questions, let me know! ❤

Btw, my POPster bestie (who does PIIT28 with me) filmed a short video of ourselves doing our favorite PIIT28 moves, as we had a chance to be in a PIIT28 montage video with other PIITsters! And omg we made it in the final cut!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.17.27 PM

too awesome! It’s for a brief second, but we look so cool

Here’s the video for the first ever PIIT28 ad:

PIIT 3.0 Review

So this review comes a little bit late, since I actually finished the month challenge last month! But now that I have the time to sit down and look back on the third series of this Pilates Intense Interval workout program, it’s kind of amazing to see how far I’ve come since last year when PIIT 1.0 was first released. Here is my before/after picture:




It’s not that drastic of a change visually, but I feel like most of the change (well, for me at least) all has to do with my mentality and physical endurance. During PIIT 1.0 I could barely get through a set without my shoulders or legs tiring out! That was a year ago. Now, I can push through my sets without needing to stop and rest. What I love the most is seeing my own progress, little by little—FullSizeRender 22The first time I did knee-in flyers (photo on left), I. was. DYING. But now that I’ve gained more shoulder strength and endurance, I have more fun with it! Yesterday I was doing them and felt myself almost fly up into a handstand and hold it :O I’ve never done a handstand in my life, so just knowing that I can almost do one gives me a little bit more confidence!

Another thing that I also really like about this program is that it’s only 30 minutes to get through. I’m pretty lazy, so knowing that this amount of time is only a teeny tiny part of my day kicks me into gear—whether I’m fitting in this 30 minutes first thing in the morning or late at night. What also helps me, whenever I’m halfway through, is thinking “Oh I only have 14 minutes to go??? That’s not much, I got this!”



mentally breaking down PIIT makes it easier for me to charge through 😀



I think the major hurdle in the beginning of doing PIIT was finding the time to do it on a daily basis, but once I stuck to my schedule, it wasn’t that bad. Also, remember to take that rest day to let your body relax and get itself ready for the next six days! What also helped was the PIITster community that I followed over on Instagram. Whenever I felt lazy, I would scroll through and see everyone else killing their workouts–it inspired and motivated me to get off my lazy butt!



What’s new with PIIT28 is that you can buy all three programs at once now! There are also other options that include the 28 Day Reset Meal plan if you’re interested. Here are the different packs:

The Power Pack is basically what I have and will continue to use. Now that I’m finished with the program, I still do PIIT 3.0, but also try to incorporate other things that I enjoy doing (running on the beach, yoga) to balance myself out. What’s awesome is that with each workout program you get a beautiful e-book and a PIIT portal that has breakdowns of each move along with modifications, a bonus Get Flexy e-book that includes warm-up and cool down stretches for each targeted area (arms, legs, total body), along with a #PIITstagram calendar to follow and use as a way to connect with the PIIT community. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.16.59 PM

Transformation Pack (PIIT 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 + 28 Day Reset (worth $149 but since it’s a bundle it’s discounted to $99–saving $49!)

If I were living on my own and had more control over meals and whatnot (I live with my family), then I would’ve totally gotten the 28 Day Reset! While I haven’t tried it myself, I’ve heard lots of positive reviews about the reset helping PIITsters to reach their goals in becoming healthier and fitter overall. The 28 Day Reset is described to: “help you tackle stubborn fat, bloating, acne, and with a focus on increasing your energy levels.”

There are also Vegan options, too, if you just want to get the Vegan 28 Day Reset, or the full Transformation Pack!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.21.49 PM

If you just want to try it out, they still have just PIIT 1.0 workout program–but I think it’s a deal to get all the programs in one buy! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂



PIIT 3.0 is HERE!

I was so excited to see this e-mail sitting in my inbox:


And because I’ve been following the program, they gave us PIITsters the link to buy before releasing it to the public (February 7th)! I was so excited to try it out, I did all four rounds of 3.1: Dynamic Body! It was INTENSE with new and challenging moves that targeted my obliques, butt, shoulders, abs–basically everything! I loved it so much that once I was done, endorphins were rushing through me–I felt like I could’ve ran a marathon or something with all the leftover energy brimming in me! XD It’s silly but it really was like a runner’s (or PIITsters?) high!

The PIIT28 3.0 e-book comes with a brand new Instagram challenge (are we seriously on day 112??! Did I miss a bunch of days??! lol), quick flat belly tips, and how to maintain your goal body, and new videos to follow along with in the PIIT portal! I love that they added breakdown videos for the moves, so we don’t have to figure it out as we actually workout.

Because 3.0 is crazier than PIIT 1.0 and 2.0, you HAVE to do 1.0 and 2.0 first as prerequisites before doing 3.0. I mean, look at my sweaty, post-PIIT face:


PIIT 3.0 is no joke, you guys

So if you’ve done 1.0 and 2.0 and are looking for something new and challenging, try 3.0 with me! And for those who still want to join in on the fun, click HERE to get 1.0 😉 Feel free to add me on Instagram (@mintelates) so we can cheer each other on in our fitness journeys!

Btw, I’m LOVING the Dark Bloom outfit Cassey is wearing in the PIIT28 3.1 video:


This is the last page of the PIIT3.0 e-book –LOOK at how beautiful that pose and those capris are!!

These sneak peeks are just so cruel lol. I want everything DarkBloom POPFLEX! Hoping they’ll be released soon!

New Year = New You (PIIT28 is 30% off!)


Who’s ready for 2017? I can’t wait to use this beautiful planner that I got from POPFLEX


With the new year coming around the corner, PIIT28 is on sale again! If you’ve ever been curious about this program, now is the chance to try it. This year has been so crazy, and I can’t wait to start fresh–and take on new challenges this year. While I’ve stopped doing PIIT28 daily, I still continue to add it on to exercises that I love (yoga, running on the beach), to add variety to it.

Here is Blogilates’ post on the details of the PIIT28 sale:


Use the coupon code: PIIT2017 to get 30% off at checkout!

Buy it HERE! 

For those of you starting out, I recommend getting PIIT 1.0 first, as it’s a prerequisite to PIIT 2.0. For those already on their PIIT 1.0 journey, you should try 2.0! It’s so much more challenging and really pushes you to work even harder to get the results you want. Everything on the site, including the meal plan, is on sale! 🙂  If you have any questions, let me know!

Also, if you do finish PIIT28 1.0, you get a free PIIT28 tank! ;D More details are included once you finish one month of PIIT.



So many amazing sales are going on now, you guys! For Cyber Monday:



PIIT28 1.0, PIIT28 2.0, and the whole Power Pack (which includes the 28 Day Reset meal plan), or even just the 28 Day Reset meal plan by itself, are all 50% off! If you’ve been waiting to try any of these out, and become leaner, stronger and more confident than ever, now is the time! The code is:


This sale is only up for 24 hours, so once Monday ends… it’s over!

If you have any questions, let me know! I hope you enjoy your amazing PIIT journey (I know I am!) 🙂


Btw, it’s your last chance to get 25% off POPFLEX! This sale also ends tomorrow (until midnight Monday PST), so be sure to get your POPFLEX gear on sale when you can!




Keeping PIIT Fresh

(lol see what I did with the title there??)

So I’ve been constantly switching my PIIT28 workouts, going from PIIT1.0 to 2.0 and back again, just to keep things fresh! Don’t you hate it when you get bored with something? It becomes less fun and more of a chore to complete 😛

That’s why my workout buddy Amanda and I have added some new PIITs (lol I can’t get over how silly it sounds) to our workout regimen–these bad boys right here:

So yesterday my friend and I did the Lean & Toned arms and oh my gosh was it tough! Going straight from a walking push-up to plank jacks KILLED my shoulders (in the best way possible, of course). And those Russian dancers at the end burned my triceps so good. Because I’ve been doing PIIT 1.0/2.0 for so long, the usual workouts don’t leave me hurtin’ the next day. But when I woke up today, I felt my SHOULDERS + CALVES + LOWER BACK + TRICEPS. When Cassey says it’s gonna burn real good, believe it! XD

What’s great is that if you’re not sure about fully committing to PIIT, you can totally try these YouTube videos first for FREE. If you love it and want to do more, feel free to check out the full program HERE. And if you guys have any questions (since there are options in the link), feel free to comment below! Hope you all are having a great day! 🙂

btw…PIIT3.0 is in the works! Hooray! 😀