Silver Linings: POP Instructor thoughts

Yesterday was…an interesting day. But I think this quote is the perfect representation of yesterday:


Here is the dark gloomy part of the cloud:

So yesterday’s POP Pilates class left me feeling a bit discouraged. Only 4 people showed up (two newbies, two regulars)! And it felt like such a mess because I think the lack of people threw my game off. I spent the week before preparing some new tracks, visualizing a nice group of 10-12 people dying together during the 100’s track. What’s funny is that even though I prepared so much for this class compared to other classes–I just felt so off. My cues were wobbly, and some of the tracks were a bit faster for my new students. I hope they didn’t walk away discouraged. However, I did talk to one of them and let them know if they have any suggestions on how to make their experience better to let me know, so I’m hoping that helped. It’s tough. My goal is to get 20 people attending my class, so comparing that with the number of people who showed up yesterday is kinda sad.

There are too many doubts running through my head.

Is it because of me? Did I make it too hard and not give enough modifications? Did I scare people away? Is it because it’s spring break?  Is it because I only teach once a week? 

And here is the silver linings part:

Even though there were fewer people than last week, I feel like it gave me a little more freedom and more time to talk to my students. What’s nice is that the two regulars (a couple) told me that they really enjoy POP and have been attending my classes for three weeks now. The guy also said that now he knows he should do POP before working out, rather than after because now he knows how much of a real workout it is! So that was really cool. Honestly, I just hope the four people who did show up had a good time. The couple said they were going to be back next week, so yay! I need to find a way to get more regulars lol.


And overall, I need to focus on the positives. I’m planning on asking the front desk to announce my class next time, so I hope that works in getting more people! *crosses fingers* For those who teach group fitness classes, have you ever had this problem? Any tips on how to keep people coming back?


Teaching POP at 24hr Fitness

So I haven’t posted about it yet, but I recently got a job with 24 Hour Fitness in Windward City (Kaneohe, HI) and I had my first class yesterday! I was soooo nervous this weekend and studied really hard, but was scared that I was going to blank out. Thankfully, I went to class prepared. Future POP instructors, here are some tips!


Bring a bag with:

  • extra batteries (depends on the mic transmitter–might be AAA or a 9 volt)
  • aux cord
  • adaptors
  • windscreen for your mic
  • Tune belt (I bought mine directly from their online store. While Amazon sells it for $2 cheaper, Tune belt shipped my vertical microphone transmitter SUPER fast. It got to me in less than a week–which is saying something because they sent it all the way from Ohio to Hawaii in 5 days! Thank you, Tune belt for being awesome!)
  • chapstick
  • Extra speaker
  • and don’t forget your POP bracelet!

Oh, and I also brought a little notecard with the names of tracks and moves I would preview between each track. It helped me immensely when I forgot which track came after what (only got confused with the back/obliques tracks).

My class was at 7PM, so I got there at 6:30PM to scope out the place and get my sign-in fingerprint sorted out.


My heart pounded quickly in my chest as I glanced at my watch.


I stood outside the packed GX classroom, hearing the hyped up music through the glass entrance doors.


My throat felt so dry, I kept having to take small sips of water every few minutes, hoping that I wouldn’t have to pee during the middle of class. How many people would show up?! I knew my Group X Manager would attend, which made me even MORE nervous! I always have this fear of failure nagging at the back of my mind.  This post, which I saw earlier in the day, gave me courage:

The caption was so fitting, too. POP Pilates Official posted this on their Insta and wrote:

“Taking risks is scary. What if you don’t make it? What if you fail? Well, what’s even scarier is staying in the exact same spot. Not changing. Not getting better. So TAKE that risk. It’s worth the change.”

Love it. With this picture and those words in mind, I reminded myself to BREATHE and change that fear into excitement. Feeling powerful in my POPFLEX gear (Your Highness leggings and POP Army tank), I walked into the GX room. Thankfully the Group X Manager helped me set up the mic and stereo, so I was set to go in no time.

I quickly introduced myself to the small group scattered about the room, giving them a brief intro to what POP Pilates is and what to expect.

Here we go, I thought as I started up my music.

And you know what? Everything flowed! Because I’ve been practicing the different tracks for so long, each move/cue/modification came to me pretty easily. While I needed to take a quick peek at my note card, it didn’t hinder the flow of the class. I smiled as much as I could (even though everyone looked mostly tired lol) and tried my best to encourage them to do their best. I noticed I needed to modify for the more advanced moves, like the teaser and plank jack combos. (which was perfectly fine with me because it gave me a break, too). I think the best moment is when I glanced at one my students, beamed a smile at them, and they smiled right back! 😀 I had lots of fun, and I’m hoping they did, too.

At the end of the class, my Group X manager (who’s so awesome for taking my first class) gave me positive feedback and said that I was very “cutesy” and liked how I was always smiling and offered modifications. SWEET! While she won’t be able to take all of my classes, I appreciate how she took the time out of her busy schedule (of running ALL the GX classes on the island! and probably more!) to show me around the gym and take my first class.

I was so excited that I forgot to take a group picture! *facepalms* so I just took a post-POP selfie:



first day: COMPLETE

I’m so glad my first class went as well as it did. I think it’s so cool to have followed this format since 2011–back when I was just following along to Blogilates’ YouTube videos in my dorm room –to this point, 6 years later: a POPster turned POP Pilates instructor teaching in a gym! How crazy is that?

I am so excited for next week!





It’s been too long…

… since I made my last post! Holy smokes two months have kind of flown by! So update with my POP Pilates stuff: I was able to purchase insurance and was ready to start up classes (set up a Facebook page and posted my class times on the class locator and on my Instagram). My first class went pretty well! My friend’s friend and his friend tried out the hour-long class and enjoyed it!

However, I feel like I have to be more a more popular instructor if I want to teach classes in the park, or else no one will show up! So now I’m focusing more on establishing myself in a gym. I’ve applied to 24 hr fitness in my area along with the UFC gym by my school–so wish me luck! I’m worried that I won’t be contacted because I don’t have enough experience, but we’ll see. It’s that weird “you’re brand new and can’t find a job because you have no experience but in order to get the experience you need a job” neverending pinwheel of doom.



yeah. this one. this describes my situation perfectly. 

And I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy or whatever they call it, it’s just what I’m going through now and I want to be honest about my experience. If I wasn’t a grad student, I’m sure I probably would have had the time to focus and find a group instructor job or something. I feel kind of shame every time I see my pink POP bracelet sitting on my counter, as I only wear it during teaching. I really want to teach, though! I’ve tried out POP7 and it is SO much fun! I was sweating just doing the butt challenge! Phew! And don’t get me started on the crazy cardio track 0_0. Holy moly.



POP Pilates is so much fun– I love getting swept up in the music and leaving all the day’s stress on the mat. I just wish I had the chance to share how much I love it with more people…

I gotta stay determined, I’m gonna keep trying to put myself out there!

On another note: I’m almost done with my Journey to Splits challenge (after doing the challenge last year) and I’m getting SO close! It’s amazing to see how taking just 8 minutes out of my day to stretch enables me to get closer to my goal of doing the splits!



hooray progress! 


Once the full 30 days are done, I’m going to keep going and see if I can get the full splits down. At least on my right side, anyway.

I’m tons more active on Instagram–I also completed a photo editing challenge, which was lots of fun and got my creative juices flowing:

Didn’t know how powerful phone editing apps were! 😮

I’m still doing PIIT28–switched back to 2.0 since I finished my 3rd round of 1.0. Even though I’m pretty busy I still try to fit in a few PIIT workouts just because it’s quick and effective 🙂 And while I may not do PIIT every day like before, I still feel pretty confident and happy. New goal for myself: wear a crop top! I actually got this super cute crop from ghost & stars ((new youtube obsession is anna akana–her videos inspired me to get off my butt and get stuff done!)) Just need the confidence to rock it 😀



Traveling, POP Pilates, and new POPFLEX leggings?!

Haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been busy with finals, filming my POP eval video, and traveling to New York! But guess what? I passed!! *happy dance*

I received the email when I was sightseeing in New York and I was so happy! 😀 I can’t believe I passed, it’s such a great feeling. Now I need to study up on the full hour class (+5 tracks to the ones that I’ve studied for the eval video) so I can apply to places–I’m actually kind of entertaining the idea of doing outdoor POP at Magic Island, since I workout there almost every day 😄 lol. If anyone reads this and lives in Hawaii, lmk what you think! I’d love to do POP outside. I mean, they do so many other classes there (yoga, HIIT) I don’t think it’d be much of a problem

BTW Hawaii is launching its first POP Pilates classes at 24 hour fitness next weekend! Hope to see you there 😀

FullSizeRender (1)


Btw, POPFLEX released a Limited Edition Pointe leggings in Mermaid!!! What?!! This happened while I was traveling around New York–during dinner and I was looking through my Instagram and saw it! Only 6 hours and the largest and smallest sizes were SOLD OUT. Isn’t that crazy? They’re so pretty too: You can click HERE to check ’em out. Sizes 4,6, and 8 are left! I just got mine in the mail and they’re gorgeous. 😀



Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.31.04 AM

I’ll do a review of these beauties later 😉

Btw traveling and trying to do PIIT28 was so difficult. Since we were constantly on the go, and averaging about 8-10 miles of walking per day, my feet were so dead tired. I really couldn’t fit in a workout. While I did feel pretty bad about it, at least my body was moving around. It’s weird having that sort of “non-workout guilt” and I need to shake it off because I don’t think it was realistically possible for me to even try and fit in a workout while still enjoying my travels around NYC.


POP Pilates Master Class and Instructor Training!

Wow! Yesterday was definitely all day Pilates 😀 The 24 Hr Fitness in Honolulu was holding a Master Class taught by Cassey (Blogilates) at 11am, so I met my friend down there and got in line at 10:00! It was so crowded and crazy, but it was so neat to see all the Hawaii Popsters lining up! When they finally let us into the group X room, we had to squeeze! There was barely room between mats and they even had to turn some people away 0_0 It was nuts!

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Everyone went crazy when Cassey came in! She wore a beautiful lei and was super bubbly and energetic, saying how surprised she was at the huge turnout and how she loved the beaches and was excited to go snorkeling.

The Master Class was amazing and really kicked my butt–but not as much as the guy in front of me,  because he was seriously sweating up a storm 😄 He was drenched in sweat. I kept thinking: Yep, POP Pilates is no joke! Everyone was yelling their pain out together while we did mini lunge taps and walnut crushes–it burned so good!


Post-Master Class sweaty selfie!

My friend (on the left) said that PIIT28 definitely helped her to keep up with the class! 😀 I was like “YES PIIT is amazing!” After the class they had a meet and greet upstairs, but since I had to do instructor training right after I got to stay downstairs–as Cassey was going to do a session with us later.

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Meeting Cassey was awesome! I told her how I did her Costa Mesa class and how excited I was that they were having a training in Hawaii. I also told her how I couldn’t wait to get my mermaid  POPFLEX gear!

During our instructor training, we started off doing the full 55 minute class (2 HOURS of POP PILATES whatttt?!) and Jules was such an amazing instructor–she really knows her stuff. Overall, the experience was pretty amazing. It was interesting to learn from the veteran instructors about cueing and form, and how positive everyone was! I was so nervous to practice teaching my track, but we broke off into smaller groups–and even though I knew I was messing up (not cuing enough) everyone was really supportive and saying that I was doing fine! I really appreciate the “good vibes only” mindset in our class. What I love about learning POP Pilates is the fact that it’s such an inclusive format—there’s always a modification! It doesn’t push anyone away from getting a good workout. ❤

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FullSizeRender 11


FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 10

Only in Hawaii :3 Gotta have the Shaka ❤ 

Overall, if you’re thinking of becoming a POP Instructor, definitely do it! It’s such a fun and positive environment—I’m determined to share this type of workout with everyone 😀