POPFLEX Peony mini haul review

I decided to take advantage of the awesome Spring sale that’s going on at POPFLEX and snagged myself the Goddess top in Navy and the Set the Bar bra in Navy/White.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.48.00 AM

What I love is how quickly my items shipped to me! Plus, I live in Hawaii so regular packages (like from Amazon) take FOREVER to get here. I ordered my stuff on Monday and the POPFLEX team got it shipped to my by Wednesday. How awesome is that?! I honestly think they have the best shipping speed and customer service out of all the online shopping sites that I’ve experienced 😀 (oh god Old Navy’s was TERRIBLE but that’s a rant for another time).

I did a quick photoshoot and review for you guys, in case you’re interested in buying any POPFLEX during the sale!

First up is the Goddess Top in Navy:

I decided that even though I’m a size 4 in their bras, my boobs may be x-small but the rest of me is a little bit wider, so I sized up to a 6! And I’m glad I did. In the photos I paired it with my Draw the Line Peony leggings, which I highly recommend because they’re super comfy, have breathable black mesh on the sides, and have really cute Peony print POCKETS. I’m all about them pockets. 😉


The front has a really nice silhouette



The side is a teeny bit revealing


I like how it flows down the back and how well it covers the booty XD




  • It’s super flowy and I love the little cutouts on the sides that flow down at the back.
  • The backing is beautiful with the Peony print straps to show off your back.
  • The top is made out of their bra material while the bottom skirt part is made out of their Swan tank breathable material. (I reviewed their Swan Tank here)
  • I can’t speak for girls who have larger chests, but the bra part is compressed enough to hold everything in!

band is a bit tight


see the difference in material? I like that the material is more breathable in the tummy area, though.


There may be some side boob going on for other people, but since mine are so small, I’m not that concerned. It does look a bit funny that the black inner is poking out XD


  • The band in the middle is kind of tight (for a good reason, though, but still) and feels a little bit awkward when you first wear it.
  • Taking the top off is a challenge! I felt like a contortionist trying to pull it off! Another reason why I’m glad that I sized up.


  • I recommend going one size up due to the band tightness and bra. Even though mine is a little bit big on me, I’m glad I sized up.
  • I’ve yet to test it out in a workout, but I’m sure everything stays in place.
  • This is a good top if you want to show off your back 😉

Next up is the Set the Bar bra in Navy/White:

This is a bra that I’ve wanted since it first came out, but always waited to get. I fell in love with the colors and the mesh design! So when I saw that it was on sale, I digitally threw it into my cart and was so happy to get it in the mail 🙂 I read that this bra runs tighter than the heart strings bra, so I sized up to a size 6 (I’m like a 32A–really small boobs lol).



hehe you can still see the POPFLEX tag on the right side XD I forgot to snip it off! 



  • The color! I love the navy/white combo
  • Stylish and breathable mesh cut-out
  • Holds everything in place (I mean, I don’t have much to hold, but they definitely feel in place!)
  • The backing is super cute and supported. I like how thick the bands are.



Back and arms are all thanks to PIIT!



  • Underneath the armpits area, similar to the Mermaid crop bra, is very tight! As you can see from the picture below, they don’t give that much room for my back/arm flab. lol. Another reason why it’s good to size up.
  • Because this bra is tight, just like with the Goddess top, you have to contort yourself when taking it off! A good thing is that the straps are so thick I don’t feel like I’m going to tear anything. But it’s still a workout in itself to take it off XD.



Not much armpit space

Overall, I’m happy with my purchases and am excited to wear them for all of my PIIT and POP workouts!

If you also want to take advantage of this sale, you can use this link HERE and remember to use the code: FLRPWR at checkout! If you want to earn rewards points to use towards your next purchase (and save $10,$20,$30, etc.), feel free to sign up for an account. It’s quick and super easy! Remember the sale ends on 3/27!


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.17.05 PM

Treat yo’self to some POPFLEX!






POPFLEX Fly Away Run Shorts Review

When I first tried these on, I realized that they run pretty large, so I had to wait and exchange my Dark Bloom run shorts size 8 for a size 6. I was so excited to get my exchange in the mail! I wore it to the gym and it was super comfy. They look very flowy, like flower petals, and have black mesh underneath for some extra coverage.

Below is the front and back of the shorts. The lighting is a bit more yellow-y due to my taking these shots at home at night, but the colors are pretty vibrant in person!


The front has a really long string tie to tighten the waistband, and as the POPFLEX Stylist tip recommends, you can cut the string to a desirable length.


I think cutting it, folding the edge a tiny bit over, and sewing a backstitch with black thread will work! I’m a newbie at sewing, too just FYI. 

On the picture in the left, it’s a little hard to tell, but there’s a fold of fabric that goes diagonally over the fabric covering the back, and that fold does go all the way up! So if a breeze were to ruffle the shorts, it may reveal a bit too much lol. So if you need more coverage, wearing some black bike shorts, or black POP shorts underneath totally works. Because the shorts are so light, it doesn’t feel bulky at all!


Paired the Flyaway shorts with black POP shorts 2.0 for extra coverage.

The material is really like surf shorts, and it actually did wick away all the sweat I had when I worked out at the gym. What’s nice is that there’s also a velcro pocket in the back ( I love pockets!). I’m hoping the velcro is sturdy and doesn’t accidentally rip off if I’m opening the pocket too fast.


Overall, this is a pretty pair of running shorts to wear! (ooh I totally just rhymed)

If you have any questions, just let me know!  And if you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, you can click HERE or use my links menu above! If you create an account, you can also collect reward points to go towards your next purchase, too 😉 Happy Shopping

Dark Bloom Haul!

It’s extremely gloomy and gray today, so getting my POPFLEX in the mail early really brightened my day! I rushed to open each package and tried everything on. I noticed that the sizing changed pretty drastically from the Mermaid to Dark Bloom, as everything ran smaller than before (like with the Wishing Star Capris that I reviewed HERE).

*DB: Dark Bloom



POPFLEX haul (starting from left top): Curious Crop top, Heartstring bras, Zenith Zip bra, Flyaway run short, DB Wishing star capri, Adventure Zip leggings, DB POP shorts.



I’ll post better pictures later, but here’s a brief review of my haul:


Enchanted shrug in Plum + DB Zenith Zip bra + DB POP shorts

I tried the bottoms on first! Everything fit as expected, as I went a size up (size 8) and it was pretty comfy. The color of the Dark Bloom print, along with the cabernet Adventure Zip leggings were so pretty!

The black tank (Victorious Tank in night) fit pretty well, and I like the soft material that it’s made out of. The Adventure Zip leggings surprisingly fit kinda snug vs the Your Royal Highness leggings (that I reviewed here ) in the same size, which I thought was weird. The Zenith Zip bra is probably my favorite bra out of the bunch, as I don’t have to do my usual contortion act to get my broad shoulders over the straps. Just zip up and I’m good to go.


Here is an overall kinda quick review 😉

*something to note* Whatever has the Dark Bloom print has a similar material to the BodyPOP watercolor shorts, so it feels slippery and smooth.


  • Heart Strings bra (night, cabernet, DB) size 4
    • A little bit tight. If you have wide shoulders and a small bust, I would size up. Overall it fits my small chest (size 34A), but I had a difficult time getting it over my shoulders. What’s frustrating is that I was a size 4 in their previous collection (Peony, that bra was my favorite!) but according to this picture, there is a bit of a width difference:
    • img_1892
  • Zenith Zip bra (size 4)
    • again, fits my boobs but a bit tight around my shoulders.
    • Also feels a bit tight around the arm pit area.
    • Love the zipper, which reduces my struggle to put on/remove the bra by A LOT.
    • Print is amazing, as usual.
    • I recommend sizing up, especially due to the tight arm pit area.


  • Victorious Tank in night (size 6)
    • Comfy and soft, felt pretty true to size
    • I like the swooping, curved hemline at the bottom.
    • The deep V cut lets you show off your sports bra without being too hoochie mama (lol).
  • Curious Crop Top (size 6) in DB
    • Glad I went up a size, as I figured my wide shoulders would cause issues.
    • The neckline is pretty tight, so I recommend sizing up
    • No zippers or clasps, so pulling this on was no minor feat!
    • makes my arms/shoulders look pretty good
    • Once it’s on, it’s super pretty and the straps are wide and sturdy–I can probably do PIIT28 in this and have everything stay in place (though I’m small-chested so I can’t speak for different chested girls)


  • Adventure Zip legging (size 8) in Cabernet
    • a little snug than the Highness in size 8, but fit well
    • love the POCKETS and the fact that I can unzip the leggings whenever I need to take them off!
  • Fly Away Run short (size 8) in DB
    • Definitely go a size down! The band is stretchy but pretty wide. I need to exchange mine for a smaller size.
    • I love the design of the shorts and how they look like flower petals 🙂
    • The material is similar to surf shorts (quick to dry, light, and stretchy)
    • The shorts don’t have a liner (the part that looks like underwear) so if you need more cover, you can wear black POP shorts or compression shorts underneath
    • Read the Stylist tips on the product page–the drawstrings are long so you can cut and customize it to the length that you want.
  • Wishing Star capris (size 8) in Dark Bloom
    • true to size, comfy
    • They’re beautiful!
    • I love that the wishing star parts of the capris are made out of the DB print, too!
    • The only downside: NO POCKETS 😦 they’d be perfect if they had pockets. Oh well.

If you’re interested in getting some POPFLEX, click here! If you have any questions about sizing or anything, feel free to leave a comment. Happy shopping! 🙂


POPFLEX Your Highness leggings review

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-5-37-50-pmThese leggings. are. GORGEOUS. At first I was skeptical, thinking “oh the design kinda looks like other designs that are out there.” but once I put them on and went for a run in them, I fell in love with them. ;P What I love most about the leggings is the fit and design. The material is comfy but keeps everything in place while I went running, and the mesh parts kept my legs cool and ventilated (lol). The design of the mesh cutouts is super cute, and kinda sexy, if I may say so myself. Here are some shots of the mesh design:



I love details. The almost chevron design on the side with the stripe gives the leggings so much movement!


I love these, have I said that enough? lol

I think the only con is that these beauties have no pockets 😦 Other than that, they’re my favorite pair so far! Thanks, POPFLEX, for making an awesome pair of leggings. I wish I could wear these every day.

btw they’re called Your Highness leggings because they’re high waisted leggings! So they’re pretty flattering. If you don’t like stuff coming up (or covering) your bellybutton, you can always fold them over if you want.

In regards to sizing: I’m about 128lbs and 5’4″. The size 8 fit me perfectly. Make sure to follow the new size guide! They now run their sizes from XXS to 2X! Isn’t that awesome? 😀 You can check out these leggings HERE, or just click on my new Links menu above!

#DarkBloom Wishing Star Capris

I was so excited to get these in the mail! ^_^ I just had to go do a little mini photoshoot on my own, and then later on with a friend. So these are the POPFLEX Wishing Star Capris, which are something us POPsters have been wishing for so long ❤ A good number of us out there are more petite or short, so capris are awesome—and also great for hot weather places, like Hawaii!

So here they are: in Night and Plum. The make my legs look sooo long because of the side mesh! One unfortunate thing was that I noticed a little tear on my plum capris 😦  This happened after my second time wearing them, so I’m guessing that my calves were too big or something lol.


I am 5’4″ and got a size 6, though these felt pretty snug on me. When I did a size comparison with the previous POPFLEX pointe legging and this one, I noticed that there’s a HUGE difference! Maybe next time I’ll get a size 8 (which is my normal medium sized bottoms lol).

Here are some pros and cons before I post all my pics from both shoots 😀


  • beautiful color
  • unique criss-cross star pattern on sides
  • wicks moisture pretty well


  • a bit tight on calf area (if you have big soccer/running calves like me)
  • no pockets 😦
  • snug, but probably would’ve fit better if I sized up: ALWAYS check the size guide if you’re not sure! That was my con lol.

Onto the pics! If you have any questions, let me know. You can check out all of the POPFLEX stuff here!




By the way… There’s MORE POPFLEX coming out!!! 😀 Some sneak peek designs:


Those running shorts, leggings, sports bras, and tops??? Definitely going to break my bank *cries*

POPFLEX review: Siren tank

Hey, everyone! So as you know, I snagged myself the POPFLEX Siren tank that I’ve been wanting to get for like….a while, just because I’ve been wanting a more fitted top. Don’t you hate it when you’re doing plank jacks or burpees and your shirt just rides up?? It’s a little pet peeve of mine. 😛

So here it is! (with my matching POP shorts) Size 6 Siren top + Size 6 POP shorts.


I’ve heard from fellow POPsisters and POPsters that this tank is REALLY tight and not that stretchy, so I went a size up, and BOY, am I glad I did! The material is strangely not stretchy in comparison to the material that the leggings are made out of… As you can see:



Here’s the back!



It’s pretty tight on me. And the neck part feels a little bit constricting. Over time I got kind of used to it, though.

Was this meant to be a compression top? If so, it’s working! I did some POP Pilates practice today, and everything stayed in place, so kudos to that. I also like that there’s a built-in bra with removable padding! (I love things that are two-in-one lol)

However, the fit is still interesting to me. I have broad shoulders so putting this on and taking it off were mighty difficult. It might just be my proportions being weird. Is anyone else having this issue?


Also, because I went a size up, there was still space in the backing part of it, which includes a cool mesh and cut-out:


the backing is pretty + airflow for breathability

However, due to this extra space, it caused some awkward puckering:

One plus side is that the halter neckline makes my shoulders and arm muscles really stand out!

Overall, here is a pros and cons list for this Siren tank! While it is pretty tight, it does its job in keeping everything together, and I love the backing and how the neckline lets you show off your arms and shoulders.

  • PROS:
    • compression keeps everything in: no sagging or riding up
    • really cute back design with breathability
    • built-in bra w/ removable padding
    • wanna show off your arms/shoulders? this is the top for you!
  • CONS: 
    • My main issue was that it has so MUCH compression–the fabric is very tight and doesn’t stretch much, so go a size up!
    • puckering in the back.

If you’re interested in getting some POPFLEX, you can get some HERE! I’m eagerly awaiting Wednesday… If you have any questions, just lmk in the comments below 🙂

Btw: I’m hoping the new #DarkBloom collection that’s coming out this Wednesday is much better fitting and is more inclusive for all shapes and sizes!


I’m really excited to see the colors and styles of activewear and accessories that are going to be released! The only junk thing is that I have no money because I spent all of it on Black Friday deals lol. We shall see…


I should really put a new picture of my current POPFLEX pile…It’s slowly growing and I don’t think it’s ever going to stop! What I love is that their team takes input from their customers and makes changes (aka POP shorts 1.0–> 2.0 with more coverage!). Even now they’re making changes to their upcoming collection, taking their audience’s needs and wants into consideration.


While they’re still a new brand, I can’t wait to see what else they’ll come out with. I’m dreaming of stuff like this:



CAPRIS, Jackets, headbands, oh my!!! basically my wishlist




These clothes bring us POPsters together even more as a community while making us feel beautiful, strong, and confident while we workout or even lounge around–I’d definitely call my mermaid pointe leggings athleisure, they’re so comfy! If you have any questions about POPFLEX, feel free to comment below 🙂 And if you’re curious, check out POPFLEX here!

POPFLEX Pop Short Peony review

FullSizeRender 6

I’ve been waiting for them to restock since March and when I checked back in the beginning of May I was so surprised to see everything back in stock! So I rushed and bought myself a pair in Mermaid and Peony. You guys. The color of these shorts is so VIBRANT and beautiful! I love them and I can’t wait to work out in them.



I paired them with the BodyPop Peek-a-boo Peplum Top in Night, which is a super cute and girly top that definitely gives me some shape! This top is still on sale HERE! It has a built in bra, too, which is nice.


To go into more detail about the shorts:

  • POCKETS–pretty deep enough to hold my phone (iphone 6s)
  • as I said before, really vibrant and pretty colors
  • the length is also a bit longer than before, which I like, because I always worry about my butt poking out lol—really wouldn’t want anyone to see that–yikes!
  • I followed the size guide and even though I’m usually a size Medium in shorts, went down to a size 6, as my Pointe leggings (size 8) were kind of baggy in the crotch area (see my other post for more details). I was so worried they’d be too tight, but when I pulled these on, they were perfect! And so comfy.
  • they pair really well with any solid tops, or the Swan or Goddess tops!






You can buy them HERE. The shorter version (POP short 1.0) is sold out unfortunately. Comment below if you have any questions!

POPster meetup/Mermaid POP shorts review

Today was so much fun! I was able to meetup with some Hawaii POPsters to do a POPFLEX mermaid photoshoot at the Ko’olina 🙂 One of the POPsters was sweet enough to get us all flower crowns:


Channeling my inner mermaid 😉
FullSizeRender 6

Pop Short Mermaid-Review:
I just got these two pairs of shorts in the mail the other day, and they’re beautiful! What’s also interesting is that these are a little bit longer than the previous batch of Pop shorts, which I like, but shorter POPsters may not like…as it may pucker out on the sides, but since I have longer legs they don’t seem to do that. I really think they should put the length difference as an option that we can choose. One thing about the Mermaid shorts it that you MUST wear nude undies for this one–they’re pretty see-through.

I also followed the size guide and went down a size–I was a bit nervous to see how size 6 would fit, but they’re perfect! Not too tight or baggy at all. 🙂 I LOVE the color, and they’re very comfy. I wore them at the photoshoot the entire time, along with practicing POP4 choreography, and not once did they ride up or anything. The pockets were also perfect to hold my phone and camera lens cap.

Unfortunately the shorts are sold out right now if you go to their page, as it’s a very popular print, but I’m sure they’ll be restocking soon! Here are more pics of the shorts in action 🙂



POPsters always have each other’s backs



I love how Blogilates has brought us all together. These ladies are so positive and kind, I’m so glad to have met them 🙂 If you’re a POPster, try to reach out and see if there are any other POPsters in your area! Don’t be afraid to do a simple meetup. You’ll be surprised to see how much ya’ll have in common 😀


Coming up next: POPFLEX POP short Peony review!

POPFLEX Pointe Legging

Hey everyone! I really enjoyed doing the mini photoshoot by the beach the other day, so I decided to do another one 😀 this time I brought out my POPFLEX Pointe Legging in Snow White to see how it would fare in the Hawaiian sun.


Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.28.06 PM

Here’s how it looks all folded up:


 Sizing/Fit: I got a size 8, since I’m normally a medium in bottoms–however the crotch part of these pants are fairly baggy–so either it’s because of my height (I’m like 5′ 4″) OR I might have to go down a size…for the next pair of leggings I want to get (*ahem* NIGHTFALL! crossing my fingers that they stay in stock for a while…)

Despite the kind of awkward baggy crotch lol, these pants are so comfortable and pretty! Even though I was a bit hesitant on wearing these outside (since I never wear white pants), I got a few compliments on how cute my pants looked 😀

Onto the photos! Thanks so much to my Popster bestie Amanda for taking these pics!


the sheer part is so pretty!


just stretchin’ by the ocean


these pants look great with dancer-ly poses…like dancers pose haha


Attempting mermaid pose XD


these leggings also look great in action shots 😉 HI-YA!


look ma, Imma mermaid! 😀


  • Looks super pretty and unique
  • I love the sheer part
  • and the criss crosses
  • and the POCKETS!!!


  • White
    • gets dirty easily
    • plus you’ll need to wear nude undies since the pants aren’t opaque enough to block out more colorful undies
  • Make sure you get the right sizing! Follow the size chart and you’ll be good to go. Definitely going to get a size down the next time.


Overall, I love these leggings ❤ You can get them HERE. If you sign up for the VIP pricing they’re $45 vs the regular $76! Isn’t that awesome? The process is super easy so I highly recommend it.

FullSizeRender 5

woohoo! 😀

If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave me a comment!