Black Friday POPFLEX SALE!!!!

Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving for my American readers, and Happy Thursday for those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving! For those of you who are waiting for POPFLEX to go on sale, NOW is the time–it usually NEVER goes on sale until now, so go go go! Get that 25% off! Here’s the code:


Here’s a link to their siteΒ . I’m thinking of getting some POP Shorts 2.0 in nightfall and the matching Siren tank (going up a size because I heard the fabric doesn’t stretch too much for the tank).

Happy Shopping! πŸ™‚ Let me know what you buy! (or if you have any questions)



Pros and Cons of PIIT28


So I forgot to post a clear cut Pros and Cons list of my PIIT28 experience, so here ya go:


  • ItΒ will give you the results you want, as long as you’re working hard each and every day of the program
  • You get: the workout e-book, access to their online videos that you can follow along to, and you also get as an added bonus–their Get Flexy stretches and warm-up exercises to both warm-up and cool down your body before and after PIIT. You also get her added Flat Ab Fix (which is intense) and Stronger 1.0 (body weight workout!) which she added for us PIIT28 round 2-ers!
  • It’s ONLY 28 minutes and 40 seconds!
  • You’ll not only lose inches, you’ll also gain a positive mindset towards working out (hopefully–I mean in my case I did!)
  • The community (either in the PIIT28 forum or on Instagram) is extremely positive and supportive–you won’t feel alone on your fitness journey!
  • You’ll gain strength and stamina–which will also help you in other areas of physical activity (running, etc.–I went for my first run after not running for the whole month b/c I’ve been doing PIIT–and ran my best mile time! I was pretty amazed)
  • Your confidence will increase.
  • You’ll also probably sleep better at night, since you’ll be working out 6/7 days of the week.
  • You get an awesome PIIT28 completion tank if you follow along with the PIITstagram calendar!


  • It is kind of pricey: $39 for the PIIT28 program, $89 for the PIIT Power Pack (which includes the PIIT28 workout program and the 28 day reset–the meal plan)
  • Working out 6/7 days of the week–making the time for it was pretty tough, but if you can squeeze in 28 minutes and 40 seconds, I say go for it!
  • This is more of a tip, but: always listen to your body–don’t overexert yourself or else your progress might be halted if you hurt yourself. Take those rest days!