The importance of stretching

I know we’ve heard this time and time again, whether it’s during a practice or before working out: “You gotta stretch!” I used to roll my eyes, do a few flamingoes and take off running. Recently, or ever since I did my second trial of #journeytosplits, I’ve found how beneficial stretching can be. I feel less stiff and tense the next day, and my performance is way better during workouts, especially during PIIT. I thought, “Hmm how much would it affect my running?”

So I tried Yoga with Adriene’s two videos: her Warm Up Sequence before my run, and

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-3-16-04-pmΒ her Cool down sequence right after my run:

her Cool down sequence right after my run:


It helps SO much! Normally I feel my back and calves tense up, but since I took the time to stretch and warm up my muscles before running, everything feels a lot more relaxed and I feel more aware of my muscles as I’m running–in the good way,Β of course! The cool down sequence is also necessary to stretch everything out even more after working them during the run.

For those days when all you can fit in is 8 minutes…

…this workout is perfect for you! So I had a long day of classes 10-7pm plus weird traffic so I got home at 8pm, just plain exhausted. My mom’s friend who runs her own gym made this awesome and quick Tabata workout video, and I enjoyed it! I’m still sweating as a type this, haha.


Fun stuff! My back is all sweaty

All you need is right here in this picture!


  1. A chair
  2. A towel (roll it up)
  3. A desk!

And that’s it! There are 4 moves:

  1. narrow chair squats (with rolled towel or shirt between your thighs)
  2. wandering star
  3. pushups (against desk)
  4. chair dips

so for each move you do:

20 seconds work Β + 10 seconds of “rest” (aka hold the move!)

Here is a link to her video if you’d like to check it out:

I love trying out new workouts! ^_^ Do you have any favorites? Let me know!